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Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 84 - 4th Week in Szombathely

Well this has been a good week. Monday was a pretty chill day. Everything was closed for Christmas so we ended up emailing in a pub we found with computers. We are here again this week actually. P-day went by fast. We went on splits to buy gifts for our companions. Jensen and I headed out together and hit up a lot of stuff. I got Krueger a screw driver with interchangeable bits, a new soldering iron and electrical tape! (I think he liked it but it's hard to tell because he doesn't always show a ton of emotion. But he seemed happy!)

Tuesday we had splits with the Zone leaders. Our zone leaders are Blake and Gonzalez! If you all remember I served with Gonzalez a while back, he was one of my favorite companions! I went with him on splits. It was good. We streeted around and then got lunch and kinda just caught up. He and I are about in the same boat though feeling pretty tired. But we are both determined to finish strong!

Blake and Krueger hit a ton of programs because Blake had served here already and wanted to meet up with old friends. At about 7 we split back.

Wednesday morning we headed out early to help move a couch/bed for a member here. It was good but so COLD!!! Plus an old Bácsi who came to help was cursing up a storm! It was kinda funny actually, reminded me a bit of both of my grandpas. Haha!

The next 24 hours was spent getting ready for Christmas. We bought a tree and decorations, set it up at the other elders place, wrapped and placed all our presents under the tree and spent the night with them on Christmas eve. Christmas morning was great. We all opened presents just like at home. My companion got me a big build it yourself crane for Christmas and a set of gas masks as a companionship item! I was super stoked!

Then we Skyped home. It was super great seeing my family again! Good talking to them. I miss them a lot and really can't wait to head home and be with them again!

The rest of the week was pretty lazy, we spent a lot of time with members and in church we handed out Christmas cards we made to the members. This is a good solid branch.

One member left before we got her her card though so we decided to go take it to her. What started as a 30 minute walk turned quickly into a 3 hour journey getting lost in the woods. It was a bit crazy but we finally made it! And gave her her card, then headed home. All in all good week!

2 and 1/2 months left! I'll be heading home soon. Don't worry mom I'm gonna take care of all the important things back at home before I leave again. And I'll make sure to be home with you for a good while!

Love you all,
Elder Oakes

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