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Hungary, Budapest Mission

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Week 81 - Transfers! Moving onto Szombathely

Hey Mom!

So, it's been a long week for transfers and stuff so I only now have a little time to email. I am in Szombathely. My new companion is Elder Kruger. He is super cool! I was way excited to get put with him. He is really smart. And by really smart I mean he was hired as a high school student by an insurance company to write the program that calculates the possibility of them having to pay out to potential clients! He is a genius, and the best part is he has his own tools as well! I think I am in love! (Hahaha lol!) Here in Szombathely its just 4 elders me and Kruger, then the other elders Elder Jensen and a new elder Elder Dixon.

Yes, I sure do know an Elder Bagley! He is my best friend in the mission. We came in the same group and we will be going home about the same time now too. He leaves a week earlier because he has to report to the army by a certain date. Great guy, I love him too! We are hoping to spend our last transfer together because we will both go home right before the real transfer so they may stick us together to keep us from causing a mini transfer. I would be so excited!

The Christmas packages the mission holds onto and gives to us next week at a Christmas party. Our zone will go in on Monday so I should get them then. It will be great I can't wait.

The baptisms went great in Szeged. My old companion called today to tell me that another one of our investigators is on bap date as well. I was really sad I couldn't be there but now from Szeged I will have 6 that will have gotten baptized! I love the work!

I have to go now, I will send pictures with the new guys on pday.

Elder Oakes, Hungary Budapest Mission

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