Full Time Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Hungary, Budapest Mission

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Week 53 - 17th Week in Sopron

Well hello there to everyone!

No stories about dragons this week unfortunately. It was a pretty good week, though a lot less eventful. Well not completley true, Tuesday and Wednesday we were in Györ on splits! I love that city, it's beautiful and it's a happening place for the church right now. Our Zone Leaders are Elders Heilein and Spedding. I got to spend the splits with Spedding. He is such a great guy and I was able to learn a lot form him as I was out with him. He is really good at paying attention to the spirit and always making sure we are following the Lord's direction in his work.
Elder Spedding
Elder Heilein

We had planned to have soup that night as well but the soup the zone leaders had made for us went bad! So we decided to call in and order pizza! I was pretty excited for the pizza as I was hungry. So we waited, and waited and waited... about 10 we realized they probably weren't bringing us our pizza. So we didn't have dinner. XD But that's okay I need to loose a little weight I guess.

The rest of the transfer went well though, we were able to have breakfast!!! And we treated ourselves to an extra special lunch, Gyoros! They are so good here! Wish we had them like this in America.

Friday we met with a family that has been coming to English class regularly. The program was great! We were worried it might be a bit much so we were going to do an easy restoration lesson, but they had so many questions and were so involved in the conversation that we taught the full thing, and had to stop ourselves from teaching the plan of salvation as well! It was super cool.

Saturday we had a family history workshop! It went super well too! We had lots of people show up and we were able to even do a little family history ourselves. I finally got connected into my grandma's line thanks to some help from Elder and Sister Broadhead who ran the workshop.
Elder and Sister Broadhead
But things are going great here! The Jensens are leaving Sopron at the transfer and that will be hard for the Branch but I finally feel like things have stablized here in Sopron and even though we are loosing the seniors, all will be okay.
Elder and Sister Jensen
Transfers are next week! it will be crazy to see what happens. I may be leaving Sopron myself as I have been here for 4 months! But we will see what happens. Some of the missionaries I have served with are going home next week also. Elder Weaver, Elder Depallens, Elder Spedding, and my hometown friend, Jordan Flake. Hungary will miss these missionaries!
Solnok area with Elder Weaver
Solnok area with Elders Weaver and Depallens
Solnok area with Elders Weaver, Depallens, and Elder Jensen
Elder Flake
Elder Flake
Until next week, love you all!

Elder Oakes, Hungary Budapest Mission

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Week 52 - 16th Week in Sopron

Well this last week was an adventure!

We stormed the castle, slayed the Dragon, and saved the Pricess! The Kin... "Elder! quit day dreaming, its your turn to knock the next door." sigh... Well I knocked that door, and a couple more. This week we have been out quite a bit more and despite the monotony of it we had a pretty good time. Sometimes a nice day dream helps things go along a little faster though :P

Most of the week we were finding, though on Wednesday we had interviews with the mission president in Budapest. That was good, the only bad part is the fact that it's a 3 hour ride by train there and another 3 hour train ride back. So by the time we get home it kills our day, but it's worth it. I really like visiting with President Smith. He is such a great guy, I always feel like he has got my back and I really appreciate it. It's sad we will be saying goodbye to him though in this next transfer, he is coming to the end of his mission. It's been great having him with us.

The rest of the week we stayed pretty busy. Friday we also had zone training. Even though we had a lot of travel time we were still able to get in a pretty good working week. We were able to find some old investigators and reset up, as well as meet with, our new investigator family. I really love this family! When we visit with them I just feel like I am home! They are so cool.

I arm wrestled a member named Istvan. Brings back good memories of arm wrestling and wrestling my young men leaders...haha! There was a picture of the ants in the building...and I also sent a pic of a bunny of a lady we tracted into. She wasn't interested. There are also some pictures of a huge train set up. It is in the neighbors of the Jensen's. It was pretty cool! We had a program with Linda and she fed us spaghetti dinner. Zsolt came with us. And the pic of me with a younger guy is Krisztian, the branch president's son. The lady in the back is Eigner Zsusa.

Sunday was a little bit of a stresser. One of the less actives we meet with went back and forth on giving a talk or not. When the branch President asked her she said no. Then she told us she was asked to give a talk all proud! So we told her we would help her and set up and taught her and helped her prepare. On Thursday though she came in to English class and decided she had changed her mind. I talked her back into by telling her it could just be 5 minutes and I would give a talk as well, so she agreed. Sunday morning I texted her to remind her and she called and told me she was in Györ!

I was pretty disappointed, so I had to give a talk in her place and I had hardly anytime to prepare. The kicker was I also had to teach the combined priesthood and relief society lesson as well and I only had time the Saturday before to prep for everything (plus this is all in Hungarian). But despite all the factors working against me, I SLAYED THAT FREAKIN DRAGON!!! (whistling, cheers and applause!!!) So not too bad!

Today we took a much needed rest, strolled around the city took pictures of the ancient building and ruins and had some ice cream. One of the sisters' investigators took us on the tour. It was pretty good stuff. Love ya all back home and those who read this from other places around the world. Until next week!

Elder Oakes, Hungary Budapest Mission