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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Week 82 - 2nd Week in Szombathely

Oh man this has been a week and a half...

Well so you all might know by now that last week we got transfer calls. I left Szeged. It's bitter sweet that's for sure, Szeged has definitely been my favorite city in Hungary. I am gonna miss all the friends I have made. Antonia, Viki, Robi, Zoli, and many of the other members, and I am definitely going to miss my investigators: Klara, Ildiko, Krisztina and Atilla! They all got baptized while I was there, and shortly Timi and Niki will get baptized as well. But not just them I am going to miss all the others we met with, even the crazy JWs in our building. But hopefully its not too long. My mom may kill me for it but I plan to end up back in Hungary shortly after my mission for college. I want to be in Hungary and use my Hungarian. Nothing is set in stone yet but I'll be back Szeged! (famous last words, I know)

But I got all packed up and rolled out! After a crazy day at transfers we got our new district together (consisting of me and my companion Elder Krueger, and the other Elders, Elder Jensen and his greenie, Elder Dixion). We rolled out to SZOMBATHELY! Literal translation is Saturday place, kinda fitting for the "weekend" of my mission. I am probably going to end up dying here (finish out my mission), which is fine with me because the branch is cool. We are also one of the farthest cities out in the mission, close to Austria. I have already made some new friends here and our first working day we got a new investigator. So things will get going soon.

The weekend proved more of a challenge than expected though. After tabling out in the cold too long my companion and I froze! I got pretty dang sick and by Sunday my head cold was in full swing. I almost didn't end up going to church but I decided if I had to suffer I might as well make the branch miserable like unto me, haha. Don't know if it worked or not but I definitely infected my companion. He is sporting his cold right now poor guy, but I happen to be on the up and up. My companion is a great guy though. He is small and quiet in a crowd but he is a genius!!! He is so smart that he was hired as a programmer for an insurance company to figure out pay out algorithms software. Designed the whole thing himself! Needless to say I am learning a ton!

Its been great though, he keeps me entertained on the train rides, one of which we had yesterday. We went up to Budapest for the Christmas Zone conference. That was also a mix of fun and excitement. We had a spiritual portion at the beginning and then we had fun. We had a nativity acted out by the APs and the secretaries, as well as white elephant gift exchange and the biggest surprise! A MOVIE!!! I know what your thinking a nice Christmas themed movie in the mission home, NOPE! President rented out a movie theater and put on one of his favorites for us. "The Little Prince". Defiantly G rated but still way cool! After the fun and festivities we headed back, grabbed our things (Christmas packages included) and headed home. Pretty cool day.

Things are going great here, I just keep on chugging along. I feel so old though and time is starting to wear on me. I am down to one suit, the other ones... well don't got them anymore. My shoes are getting well worn and my bag is good and broken in. I keep on keeping on but I am very aware that I am a seasoned missionary now. Pray for me to plow through the next few months because I am going to need all the help I can get. I love you all at home! I will see you when I skype on Christmas day. Gonna try to work it out for about 4pm our time. I miss you guys and I'll see you soon!

Elder Oakes, Hungary Budapest Mission

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