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Hungary, Budapest Mission

Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 73 - 14th Week in Szeged

Hey there!

This last week has been pretty crazy all in all. Tuesday we got calls for transfers. I was told that I was staying here in Szeged but switching companionships. I was prepared to stay where I was at. When I heard that I was getting switched up like this I was not prepared for that change, but honestly, this has been a great week. Elder Tillamin-Dick is a really good teacher and has been doing a good job in programs. He is very bold when he speaks and isn't afraid to make mistakes so that's good and will help him to learn even faster. I think things will go well.

I really love my new companion (we have wrestled almost every night since we have been together!). He is a good kid with a good heart and we are really enjoying serving with each other. I moved in immediately after transfers to the other elder apartment. But I got settled in pretty quick and started cleaning and getting things straightened out. The next few days we just got used to the switch. Paul and I decided to keep our current work that we have been doing to avoid causing problems with investigators dropping off.

I love you back at home! Sorry I don't have more time to write!

Elder Oakes,
Hungary Budapest Mission

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