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Hungary, Budapest Mission

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Week 66 - 7th Week in Szeged

Hey mom, Brycie here

I don't even have enough time to do a full email let alone pictures. I miss you and I miss the family.

I don't have enough time to read your full email either so I will get to it next week. I am really sorry but I tried to catch up on all the other emails I have missed for the last two months but next week I will just send an email to you guys. I love you I miss you.

The work is good and that's why we are here. We will be going to a ropes park today. The branch here is bigger than a lot of them, but a lot smaller than a ward back home. But I love it here in Szeged.

sok szeretettel (lots of love)
until next week because again, I am out of time!

Elder Oakes

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