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Hungary, Budapest Mission

Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 64 - 5th Week in Szeged

This week,

SO things are going good! Elder Höferl and I stayed together so things just kept on rolling as usual. The two new elders and sisters are here and getting settled in. Paul and Winkle are excellent missionaries and have a motivation to work hard and bring about the Lord's work. The sisters are getting along like peas in a pod (really well). They have mentioned several times that they are in love with each other! I am sure its entirely appropriate though.

The branch is great here in Szeged. I love the people and have been feeling the most support from members since I have ever been on my mission. It is great to see the amount of help they give and how much it really helps to move the work forward.

I was able to buy new luggage this week which was great! My old ones went bad on the way into Szeged and I was able to find a great deal on some pretty high grade stuff.

Programs are great! We have lots of good investigators who are taking what we teach seriously. I love it. I only have 8 months left, I was just reminded. It's weird though, because I still feel so young. But life moves on.

I have got to go! love you all!!!

Elder Oakes, Hungary Budapest Mission

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