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Hungary, Budapest Mission

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Week 27 - Transferred to Tatabanya!

Dear Brother and Sister Oakes:

Elder Daniel Bryce Oakes has been called to serve as a senior companion in the Hungary Budapest Mission. This new calling will be a challenging, but rewarding, experience.

As a senior companion, Elder Oakes will be expected to obey all Mission rules, set an example of dedicated missionary service, and to establish a pattern of righteousness which will help bring investigators to Christ. We know that Elder Oakes will be effective in achieving these objectives.

We appreciate your love, prayers and support on behalf of your missionary - and on behalf of the Hungary Budapest Mission. The work is going forward and great things are happening here.

Sister Smith and I send our best wishes to you. We love serving with Elder Oakes in this great work.

Sok Szeretettel,(Much love)


LOWELL V. SMITHMission President

Hey Family!

I can't believe they have already gotten the pool ready for concrete! That is going super fast! I can't wait to get home and to use the new pool we are going to have! Have they already shot the concrete?

HAPPY BDAY BECCA!!! I hope you had a super great Birthday, and I hope the chocolate was good! You're so good to always move out of your room for guests. Tell Aunt LouJean and Uncle DeVon I said HI! And also tell Lizzy not to get too comfortable with my mattress because I will be taking it when I get back. Good luck to Becca and Naomi for your recitals.

If you see Ricky again stop right there with him and type his email into your phone and shoot me an email with it so I can chat with him. That way we don't get any more miscommunication.

I still haven't gotten that box yet because of the fact that only the district leaders are allowed to pick stuff up for us so it's still at the mission home. I should get it tomorrow, totally late for Halloween.

So, as for transfers this week, we got calls this morning. I have been wondering about a lot of the different things that could happen. There were two things I thought almost for sure wouldn't happen. The first being that Elder Weaver and I would serve more than one transfer together, the second was that they would white wash Szolnok again. I will explain both of those things and tell you why I thought them, then inform you of the one which I actually got right.

I love Elder Weaver and I honestly feel like being with him has been the period of biggest growth in my misison. Elder Weaver is a mover, that's kinda one of his things. That's why I was certain he would be leaving Szolnok and I would be staying. Since we just white washed (meaning they cleared it of the missionaries before us) into Szolnok, I was certain we both wouldn't be transferred. It is super hard for the work to bring in all new missionaries who don't know the contacts previous missionaries have made. I have never heard of white washing an area twice in a row.

Which is why when Elder Weaver got his call to leave this morning and then proceeded to give me the phone I was surprised, and even more caught off guard when I got an assignment in another city. I will be leaving Szolnok and going to Tatabanya. I am sad to go, especially since I really wanted to spend Christmas here with people I know. But it's okay, and I know that this is what the Lord wants even though it may not have been what I wanted.

In fact, the only missionary who is staying here is Elder Deppallens. The sister companionship is getting shut down here for a little while, at least. Sister Atkinson is going home this week and will be with her family in TEXAS! (what I have learned to be the greatest state in both pride and personal armed defense) and will be greatly missed. This group here in Szolnok I have come closer to than any other group of missionaries. I am super sad that one of them will be leaving the country. If she ever stops by in Arizona you guys gotta show her some Oakes' home hospitality.

As for our investigators, we just said goodbye to Pál today and will be saying goodbye to Arpi. Its sad but it can't be helped.

My new companion is Elder Gonzalas. We were in the same MTC group but he is Hungarian. Actually, he is from Canada, but his mom is Hungarian and his dad is Cuban. He speaks English, French, Hungarian and Spanish! I am super excited to serve with him! And our new ward in Tatabanya is only 2 hour church, no Sunday School. Elder Luke also serves in Tatabanya with a new companion, but I don't know who it is.

I love you all at home, Sister Staggie SHOUT OUT! You are the best! Thanks so much for your email, I read it all but I am short on time so I am wrapping it all into one. Sorry for my spelling if it's bad, it's Hungarian spell check, so... and I think my mom edits my emails before reposting them onto the blog anyway!

sok szeretettel,
Elder Oakes, Hungary Budapest Mission

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