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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Week 24 - 6th Week in Szolnok

Hey everyone!

I can tell a lot has been happening in the Oakes' home! Tell Naomi to remember I am taking her on a road trip to visit Piper when I get back. Hope those two didn't get too many cavities from Halloween. They don't really have Halloween here, places will throw parties, but if you trick or treated here you might not enjoy all the old people yelling at you and threatening to call the police!

I am super glad that the pool is moving forward! It's super exciting to see updates on that. I am even happier to see missionary work in the ward at home. I should have been more involved in that but I just don't quite remember seeing anything happen there. Torrence looks super awesome! Tell the sister missionaries I love them! They are probably one of the biggest blessings to the work. I don't know what it is, but they have a super awesome ability to do what elders just aren't quite capable of sometimes.

OH! Tell Brother and Sister Fire I miss them so much and I wish I could give them both hugs too! And mom if you would like to try new recipes I'll send you some Hungarian ones. And, oh... I just read the part about you dropping the crock pot... THAT CHICKEN STILL LOOKED GOOD! WHY DIDN'T YOU GUYS SAVE THAT?! I WOULD KILL FOR SOME CROCKPOT COOKED CHICKEN! We haven't had any dinner appointments since coming here, but we have had a lot of district dinners. My meals are kinda skimpy. I had beans with chopped tomato and peppers sliced as chips, it was really good.

TOFW sounds like it will be fun! I'm glad you get to take Lizzy and Becca to that. And if you are going with Sis. Staggie it will definitely be fun!

Elder weaver and I are doing good, today we are going in for interviews so I am not going to have time to really chitchat but I am writing an extra good letter to you. The other companionships are doing good here, the sisters are always awesome. The other elders are super sweet. Szolnok is good, the work is slow, so we don't have any new programs scheduled, but we do have some good ones set up with a few of our more progressing investigators. One thing I loved this last week is I bought a game called BANG! That is super fun and I really like it! It's in Hungarian so we have to do "language study" to play and the district loves it. Mondat-sentence, Nem Talált- it missed (direct translation, it didn't find) Bácsi-Old man Néni- Old woman. Those are just a few words I thought I'd share with you so you can be leaning some Hungarian!

I can't send pictures this week, I don't have wifi at the place we came to to email this early. But maybe if I am lucky the train will have it and I can send some then. (The train didn't have wifi, no pics this week.)

Mom, I love you so much and I promise I will not hold the magic cards against you! If you wait til Christmas to send the cards it's fine. The videos here are super cheap and a lot of elders will pick them up and leave them in the apartments too so I just bought some and collected some to send home. All of them should be in Hungarian. Oh, the Sherlock Holmes, as well as most of those videos, should also have the English version on it as well so you can watch them now, and probably could do Hungarian with English subtitles and English with Hungarian subtitles. Did you get the BBC Sherlock Holmes in Hungarian? I was worried they might get stolen in the mail. But I know how much dad loves that one!

I love you so much and I can't wait for next week to be able to chat, because we got to go! Love you! Till next week!

Elder Oakes, Hungary Budapest Mission

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