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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week 23 - 5th Week in Szolnok

Dear Mom, Family, and Friends,

Hey all! Hi Naomi, I love you too! Things are moving along here. I love you all! We had a Halloween party here as well, that I got to help decorate for but it wasn't as impressive as you guys! It was a party for the ward members and it's a fun activity to bring investigators to. Sometimes I just wish I could transplant a ton of the awesome people from home here! But a cool thing about Hungary is a lot of the people are converts so there are some awesome conversion stories.
Halloween Party!
Halloween Party!
I am super excited to hear you are building a pool! That really made my day! I can't wait to come home even more! Take really good pictures of the construction so I can really feel like I am there!

This week has been one of particular mention with Elder Weaver and I. We have had a lot of ups and downs. We have had some great conversations about our work, our companionship, and our ability to better the two. We have grown a lot closer together, I think, and our work is showing that.
Elder Weaver and Oakes tracting
I have more videos for this week. I'll be sending them when I am done. I have taken some that can't send because they are too big. I guess you'll get to see those when I get back :)

I have been emailing Michael (in Debrecen) and I have talked to Elder Cannon on the phone a few times. The language is coming along. Since Elder Weaver doesn't talk as much, I step in a lot. I am a lot less scared about it now. I say something and then if people don't understand it I just try my best to fix it or act it out until they understand and tell me how to say it. I am well beyond my "greenie" days now though!

It's all good though. We did have a transfer in the other companionship. Elder Depallens has a new companion, Elder Meek. Today we just hung out with the other missionaries. It is getting cold here, really cold. I am an Arizona boy and feeling a little out of my place, but the awesome thing is you can always put on more layers.
New Companion Meeting
Elder Meek
Elder Oakes :)
Found a bicycle way up high
Elder Weaver climbed the pole
Got on the bike
And pretended he was riding! Crazy!
I am really looking forward to calling home for Christmas! Hungary does celebrate Christmas but it's a bit different, and spans several days. It starts with the celebration of Christ's birth and ends with Santa coming. Kind of interesting :) As far as I know, Hungary does not celebrate Thanksgiving.

Hey I need to go. I need to print off some stuff for English class. I love you all so much and I will talk to you later!

Love, Elder Oakes, Hungary Budapest Mission

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