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Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 10 in Debrecen-Super Awesome Week!

Hello Everyone!

This week has been super awesome! My attitude towards the work has really been changing! We've had a lot of programs (appointments), it's always good when we are booked; lots of tracting isn't as much fun. It's getting a lot warmer here now! That can be a bit sobering. I laughed so hard when I got mom's email today. I decided it needed to make it on the blog because it made my day, so I am just putting it in here :)

"Gotta tell you the funniest thing...A couple hours ago I woke up to a big thud! I roll over to see dad getting up from off the floor. He had fallen out of bed, but he wasn't hurt. The funny part is he said he was having a dream that he was sitting on top of a car and the car started driving away, so apparently he literally jumped off of what he thought was the car, but was actually the bed. I died laughing! I'm so glad he was ok, so I could laugh at him!"

That probably made my week so hope it will make everyone else`s.

But anyway, Elder Whiting made the stuff that was in the bowl. I wouldn't necessarily say he or I know how to cook, but rather we know how to put a lot of things together. We kinda just try things and hope they work how we plan. Often times they don't but we still eat them. I cooked the stuffed pepper, it was something I wanted to try since seeing someone from work bring them in at Copperstate. The cook book is good but I don't have enough time to make a lot of the recipes. I keep planning to make some things but then I forget to buy the stuff.

Michael went home to Taiwan for six weeks. We had a going away potluck dinner for him. We all brought a dish. Elder Whiting and I made rockott krumpli. That is probably one of the most famous Hungarian dishes I can think of. It's made from cooking layers of potato, boiled eggs and kolbasz (Hungarian Sausage.) And sometimes cheese. It's probably the most disgustingly delicious thing I've had. They use so much oil in it, it makes you sick but it's really good!

The bearded guy in the picture is an Estonian who walked across Europe. He ran into the sisters so he came to English class. He was super cool. The ad we placed went real good, we have had like 30 plus people call us and our class doubled! We hold the classes at the church building in the cultural hall.

I am glad you got the letter I mailed. I taped the coins because Hungarian mail is notorious for getting things stolen. I didn't want someone hearing change and opening it up to take it. The white stuff on the back was white out which we can't get here, by the way, so feel free to send some of that whenever you want. Dad doesn't need to wear the tie I sent, I know it may be short, but now we both have one. You maybe able to lengthen it out by just adding material onto the end.

The purple envelopes are part of the Hungarian Postage system. They aren't in America...unfortunately. They weren't super expensive but they are not cheap. You can only send things to the mission homes so don't send it here.

We did a Pioneer Day celebration here. It's not normally celebrated here but it was a good excuse to have a party and teach a little about the pioneers. We sang some primary songs and told some stories. Afterwards we went outside to eat.

We are getting rain! It'll get really hot here and then the moisture will build up and then pour itself all over. So lots of the pictures will look like we are in rain!

Glad Amanda had a good B-Day, tell her I love her so much! And that she should eat an extra piece of that cake for me. I really hope the house situation works out for them. It's going to be a party all the time with her that close!

Tell the girls good luck at school today, even though they aren't too excited about it. Tell Becca I said sorry, but she is strong and she can do it.

Tell Naomi she is super cute and thanks for the video. I miss playing with her. Tell her to build something super awesome in minecraft to show me when I get back. And I want to see pictures of her room.

Cant wait to see you all again, I love you all so much!

Elder Oakes,
Hungary Budapest Mission

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