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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Week 11 in Debrecen-Humid and no AC

Hey mom,

Things are going really well here. The place we normally email from is closed today so I don't have wifi to send home pictures. It's been a really mild summer here. Our temperatures only maxed out the last two weeks. It rained yesterday too! We don't get 120 degrees like AZ, but it does get humid. I am having to just get used to sweating all the time. Hungarians don't believe in AC because they have a superstition that if cold air blows on you you get sick. So most of the time they just don't have AC. In places that do, like the branch house, they shut it off during church. I know, crazy!

"Call me maybe" is playing in the background right now. I think it's kinda funny. Hungarians listen to a lot of American music. Sometimes I forget I am on the other side of the world. I can remember singing this song at the top of my lungs with the girls in my car. That memory made me smile! I miss you guys a lot.

The girls are already back in school?! Holy crap! Time has been moving really fast since I have gotten here.

I am super sad I didn't get to put together that IKEA cabinet with dad! I love doing that kinda stuff. It makes me want to go build something. How are my tools doing by the way? They haven't been abused too bad since I have been gone, have they? Oh garage clean up!...sounds awesome! So sorry I won't be there to help! You should take some before and after pics to send me.

That's super awesome that Mallory's boyfriend got baptized! Glad to hear about the missionary work back home! We are so involved in the wards here. Members helping the missionary work is key! Gotta feed those missionaries some for me, it always means a lot to have members invite us over.

We have a few potential investigators, we are hoping to meet with more, but nothing big to report yet. Jozi gets baptized this Saturday. We are pretty excited for that! The Branch President will be baptizing him. Michael is in Taiwan and yes, we do miss him. We are having a transfer soon so I may not get to see him again. Transfers are 9 week cycles but they have missionaries who came into the mission on 6 week cycles, so they leave at different times then the now normal 9 weeks. We have mini transfers every other transfer until they all go home. This next one, in about three weeks, will have 10 elders leaving so it effects 20 companionships and there aren't new missionaries coming in so a lot is going to get changed around. If I get transferred I will be sad to go but I am kinda excited to go somewhere else too.

Last week my companion and I were walking home to do weekly planning when we saw some people working in their yard. They were cutting down trees chopping them up and putting them in a trailer. We decided that it would be a nice service project to help out. We ran home, changed, and ran back. For three hours we helped cut down, chop up, and clear trees. It was a ton of fun actually. That was probably the highlight of my week.

I feel like I am making more progress with the language.

You asked about Dori, I don't think she will be going on a mission for a while her dad is kinda against her quitting school to go on a mission right now.

Anyway, I love you all so much! Can't wait to see you all again! Sok szeretet

Elder Oakes, Hungary Budapest Mission

water party with the young single adults              
sling shot made by Elder Oakes :)

not sure what this was?

I got these pics off of one of the sisters' blog in Debrecen since Elder Oakes couldn't send any this week

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