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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Week 8 in Debrecen-Komolyan!

Hey mom,

Glad to hear girls camp was such a success! I don't know Elder Gaytan but my companion does. That's awesome that your guest speaker knew someone from this mission. Five girls lost, huh? Glad you found them; that could have been a whole lot worse if you hadn't!

I am doing great here in Hungary. My companion is awesome, I feel like he is actually helping me learn the language. The apartment is clean and getting a fresh coat of paint as I type. The sun is shining, and somewhere I hear a phone ringing. It couldn't be a better start to the day!

Our pool of investigators is dwindling but we have an investigator getting ready to be baptized soon. We are excited about that. We just paid to put ads in every newspaper in Debrecen for the next month for our free English class. It was super expensive though, it cost us almost $60. But we have reimbursable funds every month so it's all good.

The Blog is awesome by the way. Thanks for posting my pictures I send. I can take as many as I want, I just need to remember who we represent. The pictures are when it's convenient, and not whenever we want, we aren't supposed to look like tourists. (Link below for tour of Debrecen by church building)

Amanda and Kyle are buying a house in the neighborhood?! Komolyan! (Co-mow-yawn - co as in the abbreveation for company, mow as in mowing the lawn, and yawn as I am tired. It means SERIOUSLY!) That's awesome!

Where is Ashley Cox going on her mission?

I think it's awesome that the newly graduated group all got called to serve in the primary. Tell them I said not to forget to prepare. There is a website called sugardoodle.net that has a ton of super great church and primary oriented resources. I loved being in primary!

If you are sending out another box, just ask Sister Staggie what she did, it was truly one of the most amazing things I have ever beheld.

I'll have a good day, you should too. I got to go love you so much!

Elder Oakes, Hungary Budapest Mission

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