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Hungary, Budapest Mission

Thursday, May 1, 2014

P-Days are Thursdays now

Hey MOM!

How are you and how's the family? What's new? Tell Lizzy I said to stick with her job til the end of school and maybe through summer that way she has money. It's kind of a nice thing to have, tell her to keep playing Pokemon too. I haven't gotten the replacement shirt from the missionary mall yet. I have an account with them that should have in store credit on it. I would like to get a belt from there. I will email some pics of the different ones they have so you know which one to get.

The raincoat has been a big help. I have yet to use the inside liner but its rained a lot. We have only gotten snow a few days but its been cool. Weather is crazy here because we are at the base of a mountain.

I am a zone leader now which pretty much just means that I meet with a lot of the district leaders and make sure all the elders are doing okay. Both Cannon Elder and I are ZLs so its pretty cool.
We wont get any new Hungarian missionaries until after we leave so nothing new will happen there. But we will all be flying out together. Other than that we don't know the details as we don't have our travel plans yet. One cool thing though is you don't need a visa for Hungary. I think they still get us one for an extended stay but we can just leave when we are scheduled.

I am sorry you are all sick, I know it's hard without me there, but I promise you can make it without me. haha jk But seriously get better everyone.

By the way Elder Waters is home on a 6 month delay. He can still go on his mission but for now he is back in New Zealand surfing it up.


Elder Oakes
 Elder Oakes, Hungary Budapest Mission

Have you gotten sick at all there? 

I am pretty much sick every day. Its manageable though.

Really! I wonder why? Are you not eating well?

Mom, it's just processed cafeteria food all day every day for months on end. Pretty much everyone here is like that. We just brush it off with the comment "Man, this MTC food is killing us!"

Sorry the food there isn't better, you miss me, huh? :) Or at least my cooking!

I always miss you!

I'm so excited to see the video they are showing for Saturday night's stake conference! I'm skipping Naomi's dance competition and having her go with someone else so I can see it! I love hearing from you!

Love you, got to go now! I'll send some pics soon!
Here is the link for the video the stake put together of our missionaries:

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