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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Calling Home for Mother's Day!!

Hey Everyone!

So the MTC presidency made an executive decision based on my persuasion and council. I have helped them to decide that its okay for missionaries in the MTC to call home on Mother's Day! So, on Sunday I will be calling you at 3:45 and I can talk with you for a half hour! Super awesome! So yeah!

Tell Grandma I said Happy Birthday! How is everyone doing? What is going on back at home? Tell Lizzy that the Rubik's Cube made my day! I can solve it without looking at it! hahahahahaha! Maybe I'll send a video of me doing it. I love you all! Thanks for everything else in the package it's all great! 

The pics I sent of the missionaries were just some people I knew, not me. We never really leave the campus except for P-Days so, no, I didn't see crazy ladies running around from women's conference. Tell Sis. Larson I wish I would have run into her! 

Tell Amanda I said way to go on the grad with honors! Let her know I said to keep going with it.

I have not yet received the shirt form the missionary mall. I think there has been a mix up or they are really behind. Ask them about that for me maybe they have the wrong address. On that note, I haven't gotten emails from some of the people who I was sure would be emailing me. If you see Josh Holyoak can you ask him to give my correct email to all of our buddies. daniel.oakes@myldsmail.net

I saw the video by the way it was awesome! It was great to see everyone on it. Make sure you post that on my blog.

Love you all!

Elder Oakes, Hungary Budapest Mission 

OH MY GOSH I AM SO SO SO EXCITED!! I only read the first line of your letter...I am just so excited that you get to call on mother's day! You don't know how much that makes my day!!! I miss you a lot! It will be so awesome to hear your voice! Dang it, I'm crying...I just love you my boy! Did you really talk them into it or did they tell everyone they could call? I sent dad a text to tell him you were on and to tell him you get to call me on mother's day. He said he gets to call all of us...I told him I get to be selfish on mother's day :) 

No that was a joke they decided that for themselves. But it's awesome!

I'll double check with the missionary mall about the shirt and see if they have an expected delivery date and remind them again you are leaving the MTC soon.

Tell me about how things are going. I know you said the food is bad...what do you do on your pdays? How are you doing getting laundry done? Are all you and your companions/roommates getting along well still? Does Elder Cannon take pics? Are you in them?

He doesn't take many pictures. Our p days are pretty laid back. We knock out our laundry early morning so we have time to do other things in the day. There is a new art museum that opened at BYU that we are allowed to go to, then we are going to stop off at the BYU creamery! It's going to be pretty awesome. And by the way we just had Elder Holland come speak to us. He is a lot shorter than I thought... that didn't make it any less intimidating though when he threatened to hunt us down and put his knee in our thoughts if we didn't take our missions seriously. It was awesome! 

Oh my heck! He is my favorite!! He is a lot of people's favorite! Uchtdorf, Eyring and Holland are my top favorites to hear from, and you got to hear from two of them! Did you shake his hand too? 

I have to go I am over on my time. I love you, and I'll talk to you Sunday!

Ok, I love you too! Looking forward to talking to you Sunday :)

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