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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Zone Leader

Dear Elder OAKES,
Congratulations on your new assignment as a zone leader! Please see the attached letter regarding your new assignment.
Sincerely, The MTC Presidency
Congratulations on your assignment as ‘Zone Leader’. You have been assigned by inspiration and given the responsibility to be an example to the members of your branch. As you personally maintain the high standards of the Missionary Training Center, and keep yourself spiritually prepared to receive the promptings of the Holy Ghost, you will be an inspiration to the missionaries in your branch.
This is a special opportunity for you to develop the Christ-like qualities of leadership that will invite others to follow your example. This means to lead in love. Be sensitive to the needs of the missionaries in your branch. Some may need an encouraging word to bolster their faith and confidence. Remember to follow the counsel of your branch president. Make him aware of special needs as you see them and report anything that you may notice as being amiss.
By your example of faith and obedience, you will encourage and strengthen others to serve with commitment. In the Doctrine and Covenants 121:41, the Lord counsels: “No power or influence can or ought to be maintained by virtue of the priesthood, only by persuasion, by long-suffering, by gentleness and meekness, and by love unfeigned.”
Be clear and bold in your counsel and your leadership of other missionaries. (D&C 121:43) If you expect and require the highest level of obedience and dedication, your missionaries will raise themselves to that level. Please refer to your missionary leader guide book for specific responsibilities.
May our Father in heaven bless you as you serve in this important responsibility.

Dear Mom,

Easter was Amazing! President Uchtdorf (no idea how to spell that) came to speak to us. They have never had a member of this Presidency to speak before. We have had so many awesome devotionals!

Thank you for the Easter box! The rock candy was probably the best part, tell Naomi thank you. I really liked the glue though :). The SD card won't play on my camera so I am hoping I will be able to plug it into the computer to see all the pictures you guys sent.
Tell Lizzy and Naomi they are very talented and I wish I could have been there. Those Easter eggs are works of art!

I got all the pics you emailed. Thanks for sending them!


Love you guys!

Zone leader!! That is so great!
Uchtdorf!! Wow! I am so jealous! I love him! He is one of my favs! What did he talk about?
I didn't see the video for Doug Tanner or any other video. Did you email it?

Yeah, I shook his hand and all no biggie... And I emailed those videos via my camera. Take another look. See if you can't find them. If not, I can resend them later.

You stinking shook his hand!!! Oh, I am really jealous now!! That is so cool...what did he talk about?

He talked a lot about the Atonement and what it must have been like for his apostles. It gave a very unique perspective of the trans-formative effects of the Atonement. How it could change apostles who feared and worried when their leader was taken from them into courageous and fearless preachers of the word.

I bet it was really good. I love hearing from him and Elder Holland. Always great perspectives on things and tells you how it is. I loved his talk when he said the "just stop it" line. When did you find out about being a zone leader? Are you excited?

I knew last week. I am out of time so I have to go! Love you so much!

Elder Oakes' email to Lizzy

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