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Hungary, Budapest Mission

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Leaving for Hungary Budapest on Monday!


Hey every one! How is everyone doing? I am excited to go to Hungary, not feeling nervous. We will be meeting in the travel office at the MTC at 11:30 am.  I think you are right that I should be able to call around 2:00 pm or so from the airport.

I got that belt like 3 days after I emailed you about it from Missionary Mall. It was super fast! I got your email about the shirt and will hopefully get it soon too so you don't have to send it to Hungary!

I think the bookstore in the MTC has calling cards. I'll look into that today so I can call you from SLC and from Paris. 

I loved the pics you sent of the stuff you did for Naomi's room, it looks awesome! I am so jealous I couldn't be there! I keep seeing things and thinking oh I can fix that... oh, no I cant I don't have my tools...I miss them!

Elder Oakes, Hungary Budapest Mission 

Have you started packing yet? You said you were going to send a box home. Did you already send it?

Yes and no. How is everyone?

We are good! Dad had an important meeting yesterday for work. Becca and Naomi are still grounded but getting along much better while they are grounded! :)  Naomi is on a countdown to her bday. The day you arrive in Hungary will be her bday! she wants you to call her on her bday. I told her you can't just call whenever you want :( Also, on a cute note, Naomi took a bunch of your artwork and Lizzy's to school so she could show all her friends how talented you guys are :)

Drew wanted me to make sure you got his email. He texted me yesterday. I think he forgot you had pday on Thursday now. 

That's awesome! Tell Dad he should ask for double what he makes! That way he could drive a mustang to work with his gotti (goatee) And, yes I got Drew's email.

He is shaving that thing off after trek! I can't kiss him with that stupid thing! It scratches the heck out of me!

Micsoda!!! Nem akarom tudni azt!!! 

What did you say?

Try and figure it out, it's more fun for me that way!

You do not want to know about it?? I cheated and used google translator. Here's one for you: De a szülei szeretik egymást egy jó dolog tudni! 

Something about loving each other and being a good thing to know.

Yep! It's a good thing to know your parents love each other. By the way, when you get to Hungary could you take a pic on a 3x5 with what your p day is and send it when you hit a WiFi spot? I would love that so I could know when I might hear from you.

We got your video last week of you solving the Rubik's cube. There were actually like 8 videos. There was also one of you combing your companions hair with your foot :) I didn't even realize you were doing that until dad said "Did you see the video of Bryce patting his companion with his foot and poking his ear with his toe?" He said that was totally something he would do! We loved seeing the interaction of you and your companions and the one of you practicing your Hungarian. We were trying to figure out what you were saying. Dad thinks he has it all figured out, he probably does...

Yeah, I have to break the videos into 30 seconds so I can send them. And sounds good, I got to go, love you!

I love you Buddy! Talk at you Monday :)

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