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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

MTC Week 3-Send Super Glue :)

Hey Mom,

Pretty good day today! The last few weeks have been crazy! Its been a lot of fun though. Class is good and I feel like I am learning the language more. I can finally understand what my teachers are saying. The Stromboli you mailed in the cooler, didn't work out because my district leader forgot to give me the package slip the day it got here. It sat at the postal room for a whole day...

Elder Cannnon and I will be comps the duration of the MTC. Conference was great I didn't fall asleep at all!

None of the missionaries went to temple square except those that that is their assigned area. Dad, I love you and wish I could have gone to priesthood with you! I told all the other guys how we would always go to priesthood then out to dinner.

Mom, I need new tooth brush heads. It is the same one you bought me and all the girls. I need like 8-12 depending on how much they are, just so I have them in Hungary.

Also I need Super glue (or epoxy I might have left some on top of the medicine cabinet). Tape of all kinds (scotch clear, duct tape, tape tape tape "" "" ""... and glue...)

Still have half an hour if you want to message back!

Love Your son,
Elder Oakes

Where is Cannon from?

He is From Brigham City, Utah and is a great guy, I love him! We get along really well!

How was Vocal Point?

Vocal point was way cool! I wish I could sing that well. I recorded it all though so if i can figure out how to upload I'll send the vid.

I was reading your letter out loud to dad and we were both cracking up that you asked for super glue and tape!! I think we pictured you taping up your companions and super gluing someone's shoes to the floor :). Jk What do you need it for?

Haha! Random things, I've wanted it so many times and haven't had any!

Did you get a good laugh from dad's pic of you guys?

Haha! Yeah everyone thought it was funny! Hey, tell Josh Holyoak to email me I would like to talk with him.

I'm going to send out a box first part of next week in time for Easter. Any Easter goodies you want me to include? If not, I was going to try to respect your request to "back off on the food a bit" and just send some stuff. (Unless you just want some cash for Cookies N Cream milk :)

You can send goodies those Winter Green Mints. We aren't allowed to have gum... Little chocolates are great (that bag you sent is already gone) just don't go crazy, unless its the mints you can send as many of those as you want... and the super glue you probably can't send enough of that...

I talked to Mary Slack (Greg's wife). She was super excited to do something for you and is getting your pillow today, she said you would probably have it by tonight. She won't let me pay her for it. She said it was their contribution! So sweet! Their son is out on his mission right now. Us missionary mommas love to look out for you guys!

That would be awesome, tell her thank you! I got to go now, I love you!

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