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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

MTC 1/2 way! Week 4

Hey Everyone!

Mom, I love getting your dear elder letters they are usually here in the afternoon every day. Tell Greg and Mary I super appreciated the pillow they got me! Funny thing is since I asked for it I "accumulated" another 2 from other missionaries who left and didn't need them ^_^ so now i have 4! The one Greg and Mary sent is good! It really helps because the beds aren't super great here! I love going to bed at night! I'll send a pic later I can't always send them so we will see. I'll try to get more pictures out soon. I am pretty sure I can send video. I tried the other night but didn't have wifi. I am going to see what I can do for Doug Tanner.

The MTC is pretty great. Time is really starting to pass quickly now so it's pretty awesome. We have had a ton of great devotionals in a row! David Archuleta and Richard Eliot, Vocal point, The LDS Missionary head Honcho, The BYU men's choir, and we just had Neil L. Anderson LAST NIGHT! Which means Easter has got to be somebody big! I got to the MTC at the right time. The hardest part is realizing I am a missionary. I can't just do the things I want to any more. But it's all good!

I haven't gotten Austin, Tym, or Jon's letters. I tried to send an email to Jon but I'm not sure it got to him. Can you make sure they all get my email? and please get theirs for me.

Tell my primary kids I miss them and that Lizzy will make them Origami for me (Lizzy you can't let them down). Tell Rebecca I arm wrestled my roommates the first week and won!

40 minutes on the clock and ticking!

Love you guys!

Does that blow you away that you have already been gone a month?! It seems like you've been gone forever! I am so bummed about Mother's day that you cannot call me. But I know you leave the next week and you get to call then. I'll be patient....

I know it almost worked out that I got to call you twice!

Oh, I am sending out a box today, is there anything else you want me to throw in?

Um I really would like 2 or three more Five Star Composition note books (non spiral bound) Oh, and popcorn is a really good snack because we have microwaves.

Are you taking lots of notes? That was the smaller size ones, right? I'll throw some popcorn in but I'm probably going to wait on the composition books unless they have some at Fry's. I want to get the box out today to you so you get it before Easter. Dad said to do more videos. He will make little montages of your videos so you have a video of your mission when you get back.

Okay that's good. The comp books are Five star, mead Brand they have the plastic cover not the cardboard (cardboard rossz) Lots of notes but that can wait.

What is rossz? You look so good in the video! Is the bathroom stall the only place you are going to be able to take video?

haha, no but I am busy a lot and I had a second then, but the battery died before I could send it last night.

:) I was worried you were going to send a video to the stake for Doug Tanner from the bathroom stall..

HAHA NO! and I'll see what I can do. Anyway I got to go, I love you so much!

I love you too buddy! have a great day!


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