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Hungary, Budapest Mission

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

2nd Week at the MTC and doing good!

Hey Everybody!

I am going to type fast and not in as much detail so hopefully you can have time to respond. Things have been going great at the MTC. We have a lot of language study. Like 10 - 12 hours a day.
Thanks for everything that you guys have sent! loved the cinnamon rolls and cookies. I have already put on 20 lbs so let's just calm down on that. I love you but I want to fit onto the plane. If you can send other stuff like cards or letters that's just as appreciated!

Addressing mom's question about if I needed anything, if you could send me a nice pillow, a 3x3 Rubik's cube and an extra micro SD card (load it with pics of the family so I can see you all). That would be great!

I am so sorry Naomi isn't feeling good tell her she isn't allowed to die :P but seriously I hope she gets better.

Oh and tell the girls that David Archuleta got back from his mission and performed at the MTC for the missionaries this last Sunday with the organist of the Mormon tabernacle choir. He was amazing and shared a lot of great spiritual stories from his mission. This isn't an April fool's joke so the girls can be completely jealous if they would like!

How is home? Love you, hope you email back. I have about another 40 min.

Hey! So no more food? Well, I already sent a box...sorry! The girls will totally be jealous. I heard Archuleta came home already. We are good, except for Naomi, but honestly she is doing better today than I've seen her all week. I just got the new pics up on the wall. You in your missionary suit...you're so handsome!

Haha, thanks. And I did get those pics you sent so, yeah, I can receive pictures in the emails... is everyone at work and school? Hope Naomi gets better!

Except for Naomi. I forwarded your email to dad, he said he sent an email back to you, did you get it? Naomi said to say hi. she misses you. She said she misses looking in the fridge and seeing no leftovers. no one else is eating them up :)

Have you told Drew to email me yet?

Drew texted me and said that he did send you an email. did you get it?

I didn't get Drew's email. my email is daniel.oakes@myldsmail.NET

He sent it to bryce.oakes....He is laughing. He will email you. Have the new missionaries started arriving yet for today? Are you the new greeters now?

Wednesday afternoon they arrive and we don't bring them in, it's not our service assignment.

Are you missing the Albanian group? Were you sad to see them leave?

Yes and yes. I really liked them they were great Elders. My favorite one in that group though is still here. He had a seizure before getting on the plane so he will be here for a little while. It was brought on from lack of sleep and stress. He will be okay, his name is Elder Waters. He's from New Zealand and has an awesome accent!
Are you feeling stressed there? How is it? Your pics look good. I found Elder Waters.

I am doing great, the first week was tough, but I'm fine now. What do you mean you found him?

I found Elder Waters on a picture you sent, so I know who he is. Did you get the info about the food I sent in the box?

Yes, you're funny! Dad told me what you sent! I'm actually really excited!

He is such a stinker! I wanted it to be a surprise! If it's not still cold, don't eat it! I don't want you sick!I sent a few other things in the box too, along with letters from all of us crazys btw, if I send you a pillow, are you going to be able to take it to Hungary with you or will you have to leave it behind?

Should be able to take it if I can fit it :) I need to go, love you so much!(We got snow!)

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