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Hungary, Budapest Mission

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Week 88 - 8th Week in Szombathely

"And another one down, and another one down and another one bites the dust!..."

Just imagine me jamming out to this song in my head as I write. The weeks are flying by! I cant beleive how fast they are going. I checked my blog and looked at my count down timer! Holy cow 54 days left! That's like less than two months. People ask me how much time I have and now I always just smile and say that! I have loved my mission but I am going to love going home!

Things are going quite well here though and I'll be sad to go. We are meeting now with a few people we have gotten to know since getting here. Gyula is one of them, he is a great guy. He started coming to English class the first day we got here. He is really cool and speaks English well but wants to improve. SO we offered to start meeting him personally if he wouldn't mind hearing about our church. He was down so we started meeting since the first week, and have met every week since. In terms of religion its far from him as he put it, but I can see he feels something when we talk. He likes being with us too I think and I can see him progressing far with enough time.

We also started meeting this last week with another guy by the name of László. Basically the same situation. He is really nice and has a family too. Already had a Book of Mormon as well so he is a little more familiar with things but for him he had a rough go with religion. Turns out Catholic Priests beat children a bit back in the day, can make things a bit harder for us... But luckily he doesn't hold a grudge against God just isn't super into organized religion, but I think we can really help him to progress.

I love you all at home, sorry no pictures this week. See you all soon. Mom, I love you so much! Happy Birthday, I haven't forgotten. I am going to send you something special but I have someone sending it on your bday Wednesday.

Elder Oakes, Hungary Budapest Mission

This is what Elder Oakes had a member send to me for my birthday on Wednesday :)

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