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Hungary, Budapest Mission

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Week 86 - 6th Week in Szombathely

Well its been another week

Things are going by faster and faster now. The work is starting to pick up again now that we are coming out of the holiday curve. I am excited to get things up and running again after the slump. We even met a family this week! Super great! It was funny because we weren't even tracting (which contrary to popular belief isn't the best use of a missionaries time).

We were outside going to go tracting when... POOF my companion and I get hit with snowballs! "What the..." Flipping around we see two kids grinning from ear to ear ready to throw again, this time though they have the courtesy to ask "you mind if we throw some snowballs at you?" In response I said "sure!" and reached down and packed a snowball of my own! It was on!

The next little while we ran around and played with them forgetting all the name tag and missionary discipline, we were just 4 kids out playing in the snow and I had FUN! Afterward they headed home but asked us to be there same time the next day, and of course we said "YES!!!" The next day proved to be even better, the Mom came too, she brought the youngest one out. We built a snow man threw more snowballs and we talked with the mom a lot!

It started "who are you... (Gasp!) From AMERICA!!! What are you doing here? (explanations) Wow you speak Hungarian great! How long have you been here? (2 years) No! Are you Hungarian or studied it? (Shakes of the head in negative) Wow......... .... ... .. . " and BANG!!! full gospel conversation for like an hour! Who said you gotta be freaks in suits and ties to share the gospel, just goes to show you don't take yourself to seriously play in the snow, enjoy life! and be ready to share when the opportunity comes, and it will :) We will visit with them again this week!

I keep thinking more and more about home. Life doesn't stay the same. I am gonna get home and things are going to be way different for me. The thing that really gets me though is now I see how different I am... I am excited to come home but life will keep changing! I am glad for my family and the gospel. And I cant wait to see all of my friends and family again!!!

I got my birthday box but not the Christmas one. I opened it all because I thought it was the Christmas box :( I kept looking for the light sabers but they weren't there. Then I read a few letters and found out it was for my b day. I am not sure what happened to the Christmas box... but I really liked the one I got thanks so much!!!

Love you all!

Elder Oakes, Hungary Budapest Mission

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