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Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 89 - 9th Week in Szombathely

Well it was a good week! Though a bit slow...

We didn't have very many programs this week, only one actually. But that was good. We spent the rest of our time doing other things. We had a ton of service that we did this week. A memeber here named Bogi just opened up a women's department store and has needed all the help she can get! So we offered our help. She has a lot of people working with her though, and we have had a great chance to share the gospel while there. They are all like "who are these Americans that speak Hungarian so well? What are they doing here?" etc...

Long story short, we have met with one of the girls working there already, she has also come to English class. Another one wants to come to English class and we get treated to meals by Bogi all the time for the help! Food, service, finding, thats a win win win!!!

My companion and I are doing good! I love Elder Krueger a ton! I am a bit worried about next transfer, I've been hoping to go with Elder Bagley but rumor has it that may not work out... we will see. I hope I get someone I will really like for my last few weeks in Hungary.

My parents bought me a CAR!!! It looks good too! The reality of going home soon has been setting in for a while but now its hitting home! This is a little piece of what my mom sent me...

"I love you so much and miss you a ton! I am so looking forward to 46 days! It is coming so fast! I hope I have your room ready. Any requests on paint color? I am going to repaint the office (your new bedroom) so if you have a request, let me know. Otherwise, I think I'll go with a grayish color.

Only 7 pdays left! We found a car and are going to buy it tomorrow. It is a Toyota Corolla so it gets good gas mileage. Lizzy is hoping you go back to Hungary like you plan now, cause she really likes the car and it will be hers when you go back.

I got your Christmas box back. It looks like its all intact. I'll just have it ready for you when you come home :)"

Just keeps getting more real! But mom as for the color, please not grays! Ive spent the last two years in solid black, enough with the funeral procession, lets do something light and happy! Lizzy don't worry... and I am still dying to know what I got for Christmas! Stinken Magyar Posta!

I love you all at home!

Elder Oakes, Hungary Budapest Mission


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