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Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 61 - 2nd Week in Szeged

Oh man, what a great week!

We have been working really hard in this last week! There is work to be done here in Szeged for sure! Lots of small miracles happened as well. Monday and Tuesday we went on splits with the elders from Békéscsaba (bake-ace-chaw-buh). It went really well. We had them (Elders Andersen and Winegar) come to us for the day. We had a lot of programs planned for throughout the day but somehow they all cancelled. But it's okay we just went finding and Andersen and I got to talk, I think he really needed it.

They ended up leaving at about 3:00 so we saw them off and headed back to the branch house. (Miracle #1) On the way back we saw an old man (one of the sister's investigators) sitting on a bench outside the branch house. He was waiting around for institute and was hoping to catch the sisters. We stepped inside after chatting and found the sisters in the building.

The sisters asked us to help with him. We stepped outside together and the sisters told him they didn't have time right then but the elders would gladly meet with him. He was fine with it so we stepped in and invited the branch secretary to the program (because he happened to be in the building). An even longer story short we were able to put him on baptism date! Right then and right there!

We rode out the rest of the day on a high from that! Which was good seeing as the next day we had to go into Budapest for Missionary Leadership Council (MLC one of those leadership things...) at like 4 in the morning. But the council was good! We learned a lot and we will be working on applying it to the work.

(Miracle #2) Thursday was packed! I enjoy teaching much more than finding and that is a miracle in and of itself. (Miracle #3) In one of those programs we met with a new investigator of ours, Péter. It was our first program actually. He is a cousin of one of the recently converted members, Roland, who was there in the program with us. When we sat down we asked him if he had any questions for us. He did indeed. Basically he told us he hadn't been baptized yet and would really like to be, and wanted to know what he needed to do to get baptized. (and I was like, WWWAAAAAAAHHHHHHHOOOOOO!!!!!) So we gave him a bap date and set up meetings for the next few weeks to teach him. (Elder Oakes and Höferl dancing in the halls after a good program)

(Miracle #4) Friday we also did some pretty good work, we did a lot of finding and we were on our way home walking through a park as we passed a family sitting on a bench. I got a few feet past them before I decided to stop and go back and give them a flier. Which they kindly accepted and proceeded to walk with us and explain they had been looking for a church to go to for a while and we traded numbers and fist bumped their kid before saying good night.

The last big miracle of the week came last night. Our apartment is nice but there are a few things missing, like decent chairs etc... (Miracle #5) We were walking home on Sunday night from being out late again and lo and behold on the side of the street is an office chair. I examined it to make sure it wasn't really just trash... everything was in perfect working order, so I threw it on my shoulder and took it home! Now I have an office chair as my personal throne! (imagine the sight, two Mormon missionaries soaked through by sweat, in the middle of the summer, in shirts and ties and one of them is carrying an office chair on his back, only in Hungary)

(Miracle #6) My little sister, Naomi, is doing awesome back at home and so many people are supporting her! Thanks so much to everyone for being there to help out my family. I love you all! And of course, family, I love you guys too!!!

Elder Oakes, Hungary Budapest Mission

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