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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Week 59 - Transferred to Szeged!

Hey everyone!!!

So this has been a pretty eventful week for us. Tuesday the new mission president, President Szabadkai, got in. I am super excited to serve with him but I am also going to really miss President Smith. He and I had a great relationship and I really felt like he had my back. Its sad to see them go but they served well and now they get to go home with their families.

On Wednesday we got calls from the Zone Leaders that the new misson president wants to meet with all the missionaries before the next weeks transfers. It was super short notice. We had to call and cancel some programs we had planned on Thursday and I was worried we may fall short on our finding hours for the week.

But it all turned out okay, the American football match we had planned got canceled so we had plenty of extra time to go finding! Amazing how stuff like that works out sometimes...

The next day we made it to Györ for the emergency conference. We were there a little bit early so when President Szabadkai walked in I was positioned perfectly for him to single me out, walk up to me and say "Na, mondjad valamit magyarul" which obviously causes great cause for alarm when your brand new Hungarian mission president comes up to you and you start drawing blanks on how to speak. I fumbled through that and through the closing prayer. But you know what they say about first impressions.

The next few days were good, we did splits and Elder Mellor and I went out and blitzed a small city near Pápa that's in our area. We also as a District did service for a member by stacking like 3 tons of fire wood in his back yard. It was good, though! I have been missing good service projects, they take a lot less thinking than talking to people.

Saturday afternoon was awesome. There is a NATO airbase here in Pápa so there are a decent number of Americans we run into here. But every fourth of July they host a giant family party for all Americans free of charge and they have real authentic American products that they bring in. I ate barbeque chicken with REAL "Sweet Baby Ray's" Honey Barbeque sauce. IT WAS SO GOOD!

There was tug of war, water balloons, suction cup, bow and arrow shooting, ping pong, and a lake for swimming. But it comes down to the fact that I LOVE AMERICA, and it was great to celebrate a little on the 4th of July.

So we are winding down the transfer. We got calls this morning and I am leaving Pápa. Tomorrow I will be heading to Szeged, a city I actually really wanted to serve in so I am excited. I will also be serving as the Zone leader with Elder Höferl a German in the mission. Its going to be a great transfer, I am so pumped! I guess my first impression wasn't that bad huh? Anyway, good week I have pictures I will attach below, love you all friends and family.

Elder Oakes, Hungary Budapest Mission

Update on my sister, Naomi:

My sister Naomi is doing good in her fight against Leukemia. She has started on her chemo therapy and is fighting like a champ. My mom has gotten all moved into the hospital with her to be there with her for support. I included pictures of them from home in my pictures.


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