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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Week 58 - 4th Week in Pápa!

Well this week has been quite an eventful one,

We have a few serious investigators we have been meeting with this last week, namely two. The first one goes by the name of Csaba (ch-aw-buh). He is a really cool guy and has been investigating for a while. His hold up right now is smoking, like a lot of investigators. But we have started the stop smoking program with him and he has thankfully been taking it seriously. We have met with him almost everyday and he has been doing pretty good, though he hasn't quite been able to quit cold turkey.

His house is always kinda crazy, there is always something interesting going on. Thankfully this week wasn't quite that crazy. He was just babysitting his cousin's kids (I got a ton of pictures, they were so cute). Unfortunately, the nicotine withdraw makes him a bit cranky, but he is actually doing a lot better.

Our other investigator's name is Kovacs János. He showed up at church the other day randomly. He hadn't ever met with the missionaries before but he had met the J-dubs and decided that wasn't going to work so he came to us! He had also gotten a Book of Mormon from a friend and already was familiar with some of the stuff we believe in. Basically sat down and cut to the chase with us. He is interested in the gospel and already accepted to be baptized by the end of the summer though we don't have a specific date. Talk about being prepared, this guy is awesome!

This week I also got talked into getting my back waxed by one of my companions. He assured me that he is quite the expert and that he knows what he was doing... Morale of the story even if someone has done waxing before doesn't mean they don't enjoy causing you pain!

This week has all together been a good week but I also got a phone call this week that has brought a new challenge. On Friday we were in a program with Csaba when our phone rang. I excused myself to pick up the call. When I answered it was my father on the phone...

He explained to me that they were in the hospital with my sister Naomi and that she had been admitted because of easy bruising. A blood test shows my sister has been diagnosed with AML Leukemia, an aggressive form of blood cancer. It broke my heart to hear, and I am so sad that I cannot be home to help and support her. But I am grateful to all the help and support that my family has already started to receive and would ask everyone to keep my sister in their prayers. (This was a facebook message From Sandor who was in Elder Oakes' previous area) Hi! This morning when I wake up and I noticed it what happened how, I got in the car promptly and I drove to Pápa to meet my elder brother! I had to go away, and felt good very much. I desire much strength and perseverance, improving!

Elder Oakes, Hungary Budapest Mission


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