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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Week 49 - 13th Week in Sopron

To One and All!

Well, this week was something else! We worked so hard this week! The week started off with our first three days doing solid tracting blocks of like 6 hours. I don't even think we had more than 2 programs... Thursday we had a guy show up at the branch house who we had tracted into the day before, so we taught him the Restoration lesson. But looking back we didn't do a very good job, in fact I think we even forgot to introduce ourselves. Not sure he even remembers our names. We were pretty stinking depressed when we realized how bad we blew that one. It kinda weighed pretty heavy combined with our start of a dismal week.

But that was the end of that. After a little bit of soul searching and some ice cream we made a recovery. And not just that, we bounced back! The next few days we got out and went back to it. And miracles started to happen one after another.

Friday we were tracting for a while and started to head back. On the way I saw a house that we had already tracted, but no one answered and for some reason I just decided to punch the doorbell one more time. My companion kinda gave me a look but he stopped and we waited, just expecting to move on after no answer. But a man in his 30's poked his head out. After a short chat he agreed to let us in. We walked into his home and went upstairs to find his wife with their baby boy and their nine year old son playing with a friend.

We were able to talk and get to know them and introduced the Book of Mormon. As we introduced it I asked "what have your heard about the Mormons?" The husband said a lot but obviously from what he had seen and heard none of it was true! It was a super awesome experience.

We had this happen again and again though some details vary. But at the end of this week we counted up and we had 7 new investigators 15 programs and 26 finding hours! We shattered all our expectations for the week!

I have been so grateful for what has started to happen here in Sopron. I think the work is finally turning around. I really feel like blessings have been pouring in and that all that we have had to work through since I have gotten here is paying off. I am so pumped after this week and I am looking forward to the next!

To top it all off, President Smith has given us permission to go paintballing today! We have built up a group of 11 people and we will be heading out to go play today! Everything is set up and ready. Of those playing are the missionaries (us, the sisters and Elder Jensen), the Branch president and his son, and 4 investigators. I am super excited! I'll be using my GoPro to video it!

Love you all at home and Sister Staggie, thank you for the box! I got it last week. I also got one from the stake youth. Tell them all I said thank you and they are awesome!

Love you all at home, I got to go to get ready to paint ball!!! Love you so much I will keep you in my prayers!

Elder Oakes, Hungary Budapest Mission

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