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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Week 46 - 10th Week in Sopron

Well where do I start...

I didn't get to email last week because we got kicked out but last week wasn't super eventful anyway. We made Rako krumpli which is always super delicious and I sent home a video of it! Elder Mortensen and I did missionary work all week. P-day got moved to Tuesday because of transfers so we took advantage of that to go to see some things that are normally closed on Monday. We went to the Esztrer-Hazi place and to Nagycénk. Both were pretty great, we got to see a lot of stuff. I took a lot of pictures that I sent already.

Afterward we came back to the apartment to pack. Elder Mortensen collected his things and got ready for the trip on the morrow... (6 hours round trip, long day...) The next morning The Jensens picked us up at 5:30 and took us to the train station, got our tickets for the 6:07 train and rolled out. We got in at about 9 and hauled the luggage to the meeting point. Transfers are always a lot of fun, we get to see all the missionaries concentrated in one area and all the strangers staring at us. (Think about it 100+ young men and women all super dressed up with name tags and carrying ridiculous amounts of luggage suddenly show up one day in one of Budapest's busiest train stations and gather in a huge group in one of the entry ways, its an odd sight to see...) But its always great!

I got to meet up with Elder Bagley, the guy is probably my best friend in the mission. We were in the same MTC group and hit it off right away. He and I took off together to go have lunch and chat a bit and look around in Pest (Which is the city he had been serving in). It was great to catch up and chat. Real breather, and I needed it. While we were talking we realized both of our parents were planning on coming to pick us up and tour around the country together. We thought it would be great to plan that in tandem with each other so we can hang out during that! We have decided to get our families in contact to try and work that out!

After lunch with him, we headed back to the main group and chatted and visited until our train took us back at 3:10. Elder Evans and I got back at roughly 6:00. Elder Evans is great, I love the guy so much. He got settled into the apartment. We also went out that night to an English Club that is held at a restaurant every Wednesday night. One of our investigators invited us so we went. I had already been there, lots of cool people, but everyone has super strong religious opinions already so fun but not always the most productive. None the less, with an invite we decided to go. We also invited the sisters to come so the four of us went.

I knew there would be some alcohol there from our previous experience, and I mentioned that as well but everyone seemed fine to go. Sister Cox's eyes seemed to almost pop out of her head though when she saw one man get his mug of beer! He was pretty funny but we only stayed for a bit, not the greatest missionary environment.

The next few days we got settled, went shopping and had a few programs. Friday we also had a District meeting that went very well, we all got to know each other and I gave a short training. Saturday we had Sport Day in the morning and got out and did some work before conference (which started at 6:00 here). Conference was kinda a miracle because the internet in the Branch house wasn't working up until that morning. But things worked out (send up a prayer of thanks). We had an investigator who came and it went really good. Sunday we watched three sessions: Priesthood, Saturday afternoon and the Sunday morning. Basically we were in the Branch house the whole day between that and weekly planning. We were able to watch a few talks in English but the majority was Hungarian. I understood a lot but, Conference talks can be really difficult to understand.

Because of Easter though everything was closed so we didn't get to have p-day on Monday but rather again on Tuesday. No problem though Monday was good we just worked. All in all, pretty great week. We had some good programs and some bad but the work is going forward here.

Love you all back at home, Elder Oakes, Hungary Budapest Mission

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