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Friday, May 8, 2015

Week 50 - 14th Week in Sopron

Anther good week!

How about all of you? After I got done emailing last week guess what I went to go do? PAINTBALLING!!! It was super great! We had a team of ten! Elder Jensen, Our Sisters (Jeppson and Cox), us (Oakes and Evans) The Branch president and his son (Révész Blas and Krisztian) and three others Tibor (investigator), Kimo (an American) and Kimo's son.

We played like 5 rounds! Super cool, though I wasn't all that good. The sisters however, destroyed! I was way impressed. Turns out the manly tactics (charging the enemy) doesn't work as well in paintball warfare, who knew?

But it was still awesome. I had one match were I took out three people! I even used my GoPro cam on the whole thing!!! So I got all the stuff on film. plus they take pictures and video as well! So I will upload all of that!

The rest of the week was less thrilling, but it was refreshing to get back to the grind after a nice break. We had another hard working week though we didn't get any new investigators.

We did meet with the family we found last week and had a great lesson, we even got to do some service for them (helped them build a playground tower for their boys in the yard! super cool!) The lesson went great and the father was asking great questions.

The dad's name is Atilla, he has a wife and two boys. One is 9 the other is like 1. We have invited them over for dinner at the branch president's place two weeks from now so that should be great!

We had District Conference (Stake conference for branches), and it was also great. A seventy, President Rena (not sure if I spelled that right) came. He was super great. He gave two awesome talks. He called me up to the stand to share an experience and help in his talk (yikes!) But I had been forwarned, I wonder if it might have been better if I hadn't for all the worrying I went through. But it went okay.

We had a visit from a family that had a missionary that was AP when I got here. He may have been out like 6 months while I was. It was kinda crazy we ran into them, we were leaving right as they got out of their car so we let them into the branch house and chatted a bit. It is the Swenson's, they are touring Budapest. We got a pic with them.

I really enjoyed this week! Elder Evans and I are doing really well. He is a hard worker. Hope you all are doing well! Sounds like you guys are working with Grandpa to help him improve, I am glad, I have been praying a lot for you all. And tell Naomi, "Naomi! You are super awesome! that drawing is so cool!!! You are going to be an artist! Keep practicing, love you!!!"

Love ya all!

Elder Oakes, Hungary Budapest Mission

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