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Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 35 - 8th Week in Tatabanya

To one and all

So, now I am officially 20. Yeah! Whoo! My birthday was actually really good. Lala and Niké threw a "surprise" B day party for me that unfortunately because of how we have to schedule I knew about. But it was super good and I really enjoyed it. Lala made me a cake and there was a firework in it for a candle. Niké decorated and put a lot of effort into helping to organize it. Hopefully I can return the favor.

But I got both of the boxes for my Birthday as well. Holly crap, you're right mom, Sister Staggie did way too much (BUT THANK YOU!!!!!!!!) Mom, thanks so much for the jeans the socks and the shirt! And Amanda, I LOVE THE NERF GUNS. The back scratcher is super cool as well as the scripture marking pen. I don't remember everything in the boxes but here is a shout out to all who contributed. THANK YOU! It means a lot to know I am not forgotten here in Hungary.

You may have noticed (if you have already seen the pictures Lala posted) that we have sister missionaries here in Tatabanya. That was not the case as of a week ago. Last week Cannon and I had a meeting with the Branch President about missionary work. He mentioned it would be nice to have sisters here. Elder Cannon and I both agreed as well, and Elder Cannon even mentioned it in his weekly email to president. Two days later we were sitting on the couch in our apartment doing studies and the phone rings. I pick it up and look at the caller ID to find President Smith was giving us a ring.

For those who are a little less obedient this situation might cause alarm. But, while I could not remember anything specific I had done, I was still a bit nervous answering the phone. So I picked it up and the conversation went a little like this...

"Hey there this is President Smith, am I talking to Elder Oakes?"
"Hey there President this is Elder Oakes"
"Perfect just who I wanted to talk to (Dang! what did I do...) You still have a free apartment there in Tatabanya right (WaHOO! not me somebody else)"
"Yes, we sure do. Why do you ask?" (what happened this time?)
"Well, we have some sister missionaries we were thinking of moving in there, Elder Cannon mentioned something about the Branch President asking for sister missionaries so we thought we might try to get some over there. (Oh, whew! So this isn't an emergency then)
"Wow that's great so when will they be coming?"
"Tomorrow probably if everything works out." (OH it is an emergency then!)

So he went on to inform us that the Baggozies (A senior couple) would be bringing them down, and since they would already be there they would go ahead and do apartment checks then. He also mentioned it would be good if we went over and got the other apartment ready for them as well.

After explaining the situation to my companion we looked around at our apartment. I then tried to remember what kind of condition the other apartment was in. Then we got to work. The next 24 hours were interesting to say the least. We did some frantic cleaning, rescheduled some appointments, and tried to still get in some decent working hours.

So they came here. We helped them get their work and area established and began to go back to the normal weekly process. Which brings us back to my surprise birthday party with sisters being there.

On Sunday I gave a talk as well that I am quite proud to say went very well. We also got a baptismal date to one of our investigators and organized a whole intervention for her to start the stop smoking program that she needs to go through. And as for today we went and hiked the mountain with the sisters and our investigator Gréta.

So that's been my week so far. Things sound pretty interesting back at home with the family. The pool is done! I am super jealous, I wish I could jump in a hot tub right now. Other than that, things sound pretty run of the mill. Can't wait to see the whole backyard when its done!

Love you mom, love ya dad, love ya family! Love all my friends too!

Elder Oakes, Hungary Budapest Mission

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