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Hungary, Budapest Mission

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Week 33 - 6th Week in Tatabanya!


So, this last week started with Elder Gonzalez and I having a normal work day on Monday since there were transfers, our pday was switched to Tuesday. We got some good programs in. On Tuesday we got calls while we were walking to our email place (and it was snowing). I was slightly surprised by the calls, we were with the other Elders at the time. They got shut down, and Gonzalez got transferred to Nyereghaza. It was just little old me who ended up staying here in Tatabanya. Even more surprising I was told I was getting my MTC comp as well!

We ended up finishing out the day packing and early in the morning everyone headed out. I stayed though because Elder Cannon was coming out of a threesome. So they just dropped him off before turning around and heading back. That was the 31st by the way. We spent the rest of the day getting settled in, which happened really early because we had a lot more time then we normally do and then we got to bed on time, only to be woken up at 12 by calls from all of the members who were sure we would be partying life away for New Year's Eve. The next day though was an extended Pday on the 1st because of New Years Day. So we had even more time to get settled in. Needless to say, we were both pretty settled in by Friday and kinda ready to get some work done! And so that's what we did! We got some work done. We have been teaching the gospel to a member's girlfriend. His name is Andras. I will let you know how that goes.

So this last week we had almost 22 working hours with three days off and three hour of studies in our other working days. I was pretty dang proud of ourselves. And that would now find us here on this Pday morning with the snow falling like crazy outside. The ward here is doing pretty good. We have members we love (Lala and Niké) and we see them fairly often because they help us all the time and make our lives a lot easier.

I am super glad things are kinda stabilizing back at home. How is Grandpa doing? The pictures of the pool look super cool. I can't wait to get back and be able to use it! Right now I am thinking of that hot tub! That would be pretty nice! Things are pretty frosty right now. The temp has been going back and forth. This morning almost all the snow had finally melted off, but right now it's hitting pretty hard. I still have the coat I bought but honestly, I think I wasted my money. There are about three of those things in every missionary apartment here in Hungary. They are big and baggy and don't hug you tight enough to keep warm. But that's whatever.

I am excited for the new year. I have already learned a lot on my mission and I think I am ready to not be young anymore. At this point I want to start working pretty hard and I am glad I am with Elder Cannon because I know we can do that. But anyway, things will be good. My 20th birthday will be kinda another day for me and my comp at least. I am excited to get the stuff you guys are sending(Sister staggie you're awesome!). But right now I am just excited to get to work.

I am sending the pictures and video of Christmas and making our dinner. It's funny when you combine the efforts of four hungry teens what can happen! We did some research about how to cook the turkey. I use that cookbook you sent me too!

I Have to go now though. I love you mom and I'll chat with you next week!

Love you all back home!

love Elder Oakes, Hungary Budapest Mission

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