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Friday, January 2, 2015

Week 32 - 5th Week In Tatabanya...Transfers!

Dear Mom

It was a super good Christmas week. I really loved calling home but it felt a little unreal at the time. There has been a lot going on here over Christmas. Anyway, thanks mom and dad for the package, it was great! I have really enjoyed the Rubik's cubes from you and Naomi. The iron man watch is super sweet! Don't feel bad about the pj's! Amanda and Kyle, I love the slippers you got me and I really needed the hats.

The telestrations game is super sweet! We have played it a ton already. This last Saturday we played it for game day in the branch. The shirt is great, thanks for it. I got all the money you sent too. I had to use some to get my package out of customs and then I used some to pay for my companions Christmas presents. Elder Gonzalez likes model trains so I bought him a really nice model of the new Hungarian trains. I gave Luke some magic cards, he really likes the game. Chambers I got a bunch of travel games. Lala loves cologne so I gave him some of the Bod. I knew he would like that because they don't have any here.

Brother and Sister Cammack, YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for going out of your way for me. You guys are the best second parents anyone could ask for!

I am kinda sad that you didn't get the present on time I tried really hard to get it out early enough but I knew it was going to be close. I am glad you all had a good Christmas back at home but, mom, I am sorry Dad got you a broken vacuum.

I took video of us opening the presents and stuff so I will be uploading those next week.

We had all of Christmas off. We cooked a 7 kilo turkey and real american pumpkin pie. The pie ingredients were in Gonzi's pakage. And we made the potatoes you sent but I forgot the stuffing. The four of us hung out all day.

I didn't email yesterday because they have transfers this week. I am the only one staying here. The other companionship is getting shut down and Gonzi is going to Nyereghazaleaving. I was hoping to stay with Elder Gonzalez a bit longer so I was sad about the transfer, but I am getting Elder Cannon, my MTC companion so I am excited for that. The call was this morning, transfers are tomorrow.

I found a new coat here that's pretty good for me. It's like 20 degrees here and super cold! And I'm glad the chocolate got to you! We have a program today that we have to catch a bus soon to. I love you so much! Hugs!

Elder Oakes, Hungary Budapest Mission

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