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Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 21 - 3rd week in Szolnok

Dear Mom

Apparently, some repenting is in order. I'm sorry I didn't write you last week. I really did not mean to make you worry or cry. I love you so much! The week before last as well as this one has been really slow so we were trying to do things that we can only do on a Pday to jump start the work here. While things this week didn't exactly turn around they are improving.

We had the opportunity to do some service this Saturday that was a lot of fun. I, with one of the sisters' investigators who came, cut down two old trees while my companion and the others did some different yard work. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, basically all this week, so I don't have anything new to send home. Sorry! I will do better this week for sure! But the service project went well and then we had sport day afterward.

The rest of this week we spent tabling. Elder Weaver likes tabling so we do a lot of that. But I feel like we have really strengthened our relationship in the past week so I am hoping to do more. Elder Weaver knows more than I do in vocabulary and has better understanding but can't speak Hungarian very well. I can speak the language better, so I'm really having to step it up a lot. We haven't done splits with the other elders but we are around them all the time. Elder Aintablian is newer than I am so Elder Depallens has the best handle on the language.

So basically the work is slow but improving. We did get a new investigator last night who we are super stoked about. We think he will be super good! He just had surgery so he can meet anytime with us, which makes it super convenient!

I am glad that the trip went super well for you all, and that Lizzy didn't kill you all driving on the freeway. Make sure you let me know of anything crazy or important that happens! If you think Uncle Brian's house had spiders, you should see the ones we have here!

The new branch here is awesome. We, as missionaries let the branch know who we are teaching and they help, of course. Their help is vital in the work! We had a zone conference here in Budapest on Oct 1,2 and 3rd. I love those. It's super awesome to see all the missionaries together!

Conference was aired at the branch house and was super good but also in Hungarian so I didn't get a whole lot out of it. If you could send that liahona it would be super awesome! (sorry, liahona is the translated version of the ensign here)

Oh, I bought a present for dad (and me when I get home) I sent it like last week so it should get there soon. Tell dad to watch for it!

Sister Staggie is awesome, I love that woman to death! Her box was amazing and yes, the money you sent made it!

I love you too and guess what? You're the best mom ever! Have a great day I have to get going soon.

Love you all so much!

Elder Oakes, Hungary Budapest Mission

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