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Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 20 - 2nd Week in Szolnok

Hey there!

So things are moving along here in Hungary. I am getting comfortable here in Szolnok. The area is good but the work is slow and not really speeding up because me and my comp can't really speak Hungarian well.
The bed wasn't that much farther!
Something about the floor?!
Haha! This is so Elder Oakes!
So this is what the paperclips were for?
No new investigators as of yet. We did a lot of tracting and tabling. There is less English here, not being in a college town anymore. And my companion doesn't speak Hungarian well yet either, so I am having to step up a lot more. But we get along really well.
Elder Weaver
Elder Aintablian
Elder Depallens
The sister missionaries and Elder Weaver
We got to watch conference but only in Hungarian so I am planning on watching them later in English or reading them. I got Sis. Staggie's box that was tied up in customs, finally! I am super excited about that! The stuff in there is amazing. I really appreciated the cd's! I think they were the best part of the box for me. I am pretty sure everything came through okay and I've been sharing a ton already! Tell Sis. Staggie thanks so much for all she does!

No dinner appointments again this week.
Who needs a bowl!
Not too bad of a cook :)
Oh wait! Don't eat that!!!
A senior couple came to pick up donations and we went to dinner with them though.
Lunch with senior couple (Elder and Sister Miller) and sisters and elders
Love the senior missionaries!
Wow, Brandon got you guys to play magic, huh? That sounds like fun. And Tanner is engaged? wow!

Well, I sent a lot of video and pics this week. I hope you get them all! Have a great week!
Street of Szolnok
At the river in Szolnok
Elder Weaver
To get to the store follow the road over the bridge
Elder Oakes :)
Some of the views of Szolnok
Silly Elder Weaver!

Elder Oakes, Hungary Budapest Mission

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