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Hungary, Budapest Mission

Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 19-First week in Szolnok!

Hey there!

So, I'll just update you on the last couple of days. Tuesday morning we got transfer calls, I really liked Elder Zwingli but I was looking forward to a change. We spent the rest of that day running around, bowling, shopping, packing, and saying goodbyes. The hardest person to say goodbye to was Marton (the little boy I've sent pics of).

Over the last month his dad forced a divorce with his mom, they had been separated for a while but she hoped to bring the family back together. He had to watch his dad leave him and now I feel really bad that I have to leave too. He was a really good friend and I am going to miss him. I also had to say goodbye to Michael, but we will probably see each other again. Wednesday morning we all got on a train and came into Budapest. Guess who I saw in Budapest?! Jordan Flake!

Here I met my new companion, Elder Weaver. We had met each other before at the last transfer. He and I have a lot of common interests so we have been getting along pretty good. We came here with two other elders, DePaulins and Antiablon (for sure I didn't spell that right), but they are super cool.

There is also a sister couple, but no seniors here. It's a great place though. We won't be doing as much tracting, but we are tabling. We have a few investigators we meet with but not many. Tabling is good because you can talk to a lot of people but hard because it's more difficult to get back into contact with people. All of the elders are new to this area and only one sister was here previously.

We went to the new branch yesterday. It was good. All the new missionaries shared their testimonies. The branch here is smaller than in Debrecen but they have 6 active priesthood holders so that's way cool! There were only 3 in Debrecen! No, mom, we haven't had any dinner appointments yet but I hope we do! The language is rough. Sometimes I feel like I am not making progress, but I know I am, it's just slow.

Our apartment is a bit bigger and it's nicer for sure. I have videos I want to send I just need to figure out the wifi.

The weather is starting to get pretty cold here. In fact, I have a cold! I am starting to wrap up more now!

Sister Staggie's box is still tied up in customs from last I heard so I hope that gets all sorted out. I am glad Lizzy had a good time on her date.

I've got to go. I love you all so much and I'll talk to you later!

Elder Oakes, Hungary Budapest Mission

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