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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Week 15 in Debrecen-New Companion:Elder Zwingli

Okay here it goes!

My new companion is Elder Zwingli, he is American... and Canadian... and Swiss. He literally has 3 passports, which kinda blew my mind because that's the kinda thing you see in Jason Bourne movies with Matt Damon. I have been waiting for Hungarian secret police to come smashing into our apartment and my companion to just go all "kung fu" on them. But I am slowly starting to think that may not happen. (Kinda think it would be cool though!)
Elder Oakes and Elder Zwingli
Elder Zwingli checking out the lay of the land 
All my new companions are surprised when they get here at how many people speak English. It's not very common in Hungary, but in a large college city like Debrecen, there are a lot that do. It's really cool but there are a lot of other not so cool things that come from being in a college city in Europe, but you can probably guess at a lot of those.

We actually just got back from our train trip to Hortobadgy. It is a grassland preserve here in Hungary. I went the first week I was here too, so instead of going to the preserve, we played around and explored the town that's there. A really famous part of the town is the city center where there are a lot of hawkers. One guy there sells custom made whips. I got one last time I was there so I brought mine and he helped me practice! Super fun! Elder Zwingli got a whip, maybe it can help him fight off the secret police...haha!
Dori and Elder Zwingli
Dori and Sis. Sholly
Elder Zwingli and Sis. Naegle
The Train :)
Fruit Soup!
A couple of cool things from this week... I gave blessings to the Lovacsi family for going back to school at their request. They all speak English so it made it a little easier for me. They are a young family with a single mom, four girls and one boy (Marten, I sent pics of Marten before).
Lovacsi Family
There was also a Polish family that flagged us down on the road. They were members of our church who were lost. They were just passing through on their way to Romania and saw missionaries, so they decided to ask us where to go. We were able to help them out. I felt like a super star!
Polish Family
Polish Family with Demi
Elder Zwingli and I are getting along really well, I think. He goes for a very direct approach with the gospel. He tells people who we are, what we stand for, and that we want them to learn about it too. My other companions use a survey to talk to people. The questions are good and help lead into discussions about God and religion without just jumping into it. I think it's refreshing to just be a missionary.

I am glad I got to stay a little longer in Debrecen. Most people stay in their "greenie area" for four or five months anyway, so not too uncommon. Taiwan Michael comes back today too, so I can't wait to see him!

It was pretty said to say goodbye to Elder Whiting and Sister Jensen. There aren't any sister training leaders anymore, there are just too many young sisters and not enough older ones. Sister Naegle is the new trainer with Sis. Schnoor and Sis. Sholly. I think she has been in the country since January. I definitely learned a ton from Elder Whiting, he was a great trainer! But I think I was ready to move on. All good things come to an end at some point, right? (Well, outside of the gospel anyway.) Good experience and lots of hard work.
Elder Whiting, Sister Otillia, and Elder Oakes
Elder Whiting, Jozsi, and Elder Oakes
Elder Whiting and Elder Oakes saying goodbye
Elder Oakes' art work
Dori, Sis. Sholly, Sis. Jensen, Sis. Schnoor
Sis. Naegle, Sis. Schnoor and Sis. Sholly
Sis. Schnoor..haha!
I am doing super awesome, I miss you all. I miss Sunday most of all from being home and with the family. Church is always awesome especially with the primary. I actually got to be with the primary here this last Sunday. It's kinda funny when the kids read better than you do. Hungarian is HARD! But I feel like it's coming along really well.

Love ya all so much!

Elder Oakes, Hungary Budapest Mission

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  1. Hey, Elder Oaks! I'm so glad I've found your blog! Hope you're doing well and everything's alright! I keep on meeting the missionaries in Eger. It's just impossible not love you all. Seriously! You're great! Gosh! Halo just popped into my mind. Now I must listen to the soundtrack for a while. Give my best regards to Elder Zwingli when you talk to him!