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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Week 56 - 2nd Week in Pápa!

Hey Mom!

I am not doing a group email this week, and I forgot my camera again, so no pictures this week either, but I have a ton to send to you. I saw the pictures of Jon and Jordan with you and dad. That, I am not going to lie, was about the most home sick I have ever felt since coming on my mission. I miss you guys so much. Tell Jon I said hi and I want him at the next skype session if he can make it. Don't worry that you shouldn't send those pics! I loved them and want more like that! I don't want to be left out.

Things are going good here in Papa. We had to drop our only investigator this week which was not so good... but, when your companions are great it makes things a lot easier to handle issues that come up.

I haven't gotten the box yet but we are going into Buda for Zone Conference on Wednesday so I will get it then. This will probably be a short transfer for me because there are missionaries going home half way through the transfer (July 8th), I am going to get pulled out I am pretty sure. Our transfers are weird because it doesn't line up right. We have 9 week transfers which is more than a month. By the end of the two years you're almost plus or minus a month, which is hard because we only are allowed a 30 day plus or minus extension so if our return date doesn't fall close enough to a transfer in a 9 week transfer period they cannot extend us or send us home on the correct time which leads to problems in numbers and other things so they are constantly juggling our dates around to try and get it to work out the best for the mission. My return date is scheduled for April 14th, 2016. I am excited for the rest of my mission.

I love you so much, next week I will have pictures for sure!!! I love you so much!
This was a pic from the family history workshop held one of the last weeks Elder Oakes served in Sopron
Elder Oakes, Hungary Budapest Mission

This was posted on facebook by a member in Tatabanya: "My chick died on Saturday. (In Tatabánya). Its name was Lil Tyga. Lil Tyga got a poem from a friend. It was strong and a really good fighter! Rest in peace! Thanks for the beautiful memory."

Dear Lil Tyga (written by:Elder Daniel Oakes) 
We know that your life here has been short, 
But we hope you felt our love and support, 
Now as we say goodbye, 
We try not to cry, 
God give power to your wings, 
To fly home where angels sing, 
We will miss you but it's not the end, 
For surely we shall all meet again.

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