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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Week 55 - 1st Week in Pápa!

Transfer week!!!

Well this last week has been an absolute blast!!! Things are going great here in Pápa! After transfer calls last week I got all packed up. I was up until about 12:30 getting things ready. I also left the incoming Elder with a list of information to keep things up and rolling as he came in. The next day we rolled out on a 6:00 AM train to Budapest.

Budapest is always great when we come in for transfers. We get to see tons of people that we haven't for a long time and we all head over to eat at the mall. It was pretty dang good, and gave me a much needed chance to just relax for a bit. I met up there with my new companions (that's right, plural companion) Elders Mellor and Rodgers. If you all remember Mellor and I were together in the MTC, but Rodgers is just getting into his second transfer. It's super awesome though. We got into Pápa at around four and got unpacked before getting to bed. The apartment is like brand new so I didn't have any cleaning to do!

The rest of the week has been so great! It has honestly just felt like we have been together forever. We are doing great we have had tons of laughs and we are doing awesome work! We played soccer on Saturday and we all got nice sun burns! It's great and I am super pumped for this transfer.

The work in Pápa is small. There is a branch here. They have enough priesthood to do everything, so that's good. It was pretty big at one point but a lot of people moved out, but I think we will be able to do well and get things going soon with some good honest work. I've met two of the investigators so far.

Our new zone leaders are Elders Meek and Whiting...Whiting was my companion in my first area, Debrecen! He is a great guy I am super pumped!

I love you all at home! I heard Jon and Jordan just got back, tell them both Hi! I really miss everyone from back home. I can't believe Jon will be home so soon. Get both of them my email address if you can!


Elder Oakes, Hungary Budapest Mission

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