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Hungary, Budapest Mission

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Week 51 -15th Week in Sopron

I think I'll refrain from a big group email this week. Not a whole lot to report other than the fact that we got Anikó back on baptism date! That was a lot to do with my companion actually. He just put out a date and she said, "Look I told you I would get baptized tomorrow if it wasn't for the fact I had to stop smoking!" So I said "Then stop smoking! We keep telling you we want to help so let's do the program and get it done with." So that's what we decided to do!

She has actually started the stop smoking program and will be going through it til next Friday. So far she hasn't smoked for 3 days!!! WOOHOO!!! Keep her in your prayers, if she finishes the program I think she will be in the all clear!

Sunday as you all should know was Mother's Day. I got to skype home and talk with my family it was super great! It was great to see them, I miss them very much. My older sister is pregnant! I will have a neice by the time I get home. I also got to chat with my grandparents who were there. The experince was great, though kind of surreal. Life back home kinda just seems to be that thing before I became a missionary. I keep thinking I will just go home and it's gonna be what it was when I left, but I can already see that after just a year things have changed. But, it will be good. Life keeps changing but I guess that's just how its supposed to work.

After skyping with the family we left Sandor's place and went to the Jensen's (the senior couple serving in Sopron) to have dinner. It was really good! Sister Jensen is a great cook! And yes, mom, I cleaned up the dishes :)

Love ya all back at home, it was so great to skype with you all!

Elder Oakes, Hungary Budapest Mission

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