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Hungary, Budapest Mission

Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 44 - 8th Week in Sopron

Oh wow!

So, lots of stuff this week, and I forgot my planner! I have about 15 minutes to write so I hope I get everything but it probably won't be in the right order. Elder Mortensen and I hit the streets really hard this week. We passed out 17 books of Mormon over the last 7 days! We also had seventeen finding hours. Pretty good ratio. We set up several programs from that but none of them actually happened.

I feel our work here has been going down hill and it keeps getting worse. We are really hoping that things will start to get better soon and that we will start to have more success. That's why we have taken to streeting with books of Mormon in hand to try and do some honest finding. We had English class this week also. That is a great way to meet people.

The branch here is great, lots of great people! We got to go cook with the Branch president's family and that was a lot of fun. The parents were both chefs I think and know how to cook some mean cuisine!

I hit my year mark on my mission on Thursday! So, we went out for dinner and I treated myself to a really nice beef steak! We also got treated to dinner by a super nice lady in the ward. She paid quite a bit and we tried to slip her some money to help out. She noticed it though and told me I was bűnös (guilty/bad) haha! She forced me to take the money back and wouldn't let me near her purse after that.

On Saturday Sister Jensen organized an anniversary play for relief society and had us participate in that. I got a few pictures but I am sure that they posted much more on their website. We also got to attend a baptism of a former investigator of Elder Mortensens. Super cool guy and has a really great testimony of the gospel. We got to go into Szombathely for that. Cool little city with a nice branch.

Sunday was good, I ended up teaching the Gospel Doctrine class which went well. I also translated a lot because two of the senior couples from Buda came down to visit. It was good language practice.

But that was basically my week, pretty good, still working hard.

Love you all!

Elder Oakes, Hungary Budapest Mission

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