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Friday, March 20, 2015

Week 43 - 7th Week in Sopron 1/2 Way!!!

Hey there!

So this has been a pretty crazy week. We found out on Monday that we would be going into Budapest for Zone Conference on Thursday. The Conference was scheduled for 9:30 to 3:30 and with a three hour train ride that's early out the door and late getting back. Other problem was the fact that we hold English class (one of our more effective finding tools) on Thursday at 6. When we looked at train times we realized that there was no way to get back in time. So I called President and asked if we would be able to come in the day before with the east zones, but after contemplating it he decided not to allow us to do that.

I was a little frustrated about that because our only options were to get someone else to do it for us (which wasn't likely) or to cancel it (which wasn't really an option). So we called around but no one seemed too keen to help us out. So at 10 on Monday night a thought came to mind to ask a less active member.

A little background information, this member, Peter, is a Hungarian. He served as a missionary in Hungary, but he has been inactive for a while. We have spent a lot of time trying to get into contact with him but its difficult to do and inconsistent. BUT, God had his hand in the whole situation.

As soon as I thought to call him I looked at the clock, 10:00, it's late right? Well, what could it hurt? I gave him a call, and on the second ring he answered. I explained the situation and without hesitation he accepted. He then continued to inform us he would clear his calender and replan his other programs. He took it on like a champ!

Honestly, I was a little amazed that it all worked out and I was worried it might not go through but it went off without a hitch! We made it to Buda and back without having to cancel English class. Huge blessing in more ways then one!

The conference was amazing. President Kearon of the Seventy presided in the meeting and taught us in such a way it kept all of us sitting on the edge of our seats. There are not many people that I can actively listen to for more than 3 hours at a time, but he is one of them. I would be one of the first ones in line! He spoke most of the time and President and Sister Smith spoke also. We had a lunch break in the middle.

He taught a lot about refocusing our efforts on why we are here as missionaries (that's what I got out of it). It was a very open communication between everyone and it made it very engaging. I learned a lot that I will be applying from now on.

The next day after we got back was pretty good. We checked in with Peter (who taught the class for us) and it went really well. He actually would really like to continue to teach as well so this may be a great thing to keep going with. We also started going at the work differently. In the last 2 days alone we have handed out 4 books of Mormon. I am starting to feel like things are looking up for Sopron.

Saturday we went and played sport with a bunch of members and investigators. It was a lot of fun. Good way to relax and unwind a bit. Sunday went really well. Sandor came again and brought his two little girls. Unfortunately one was a little upset so he left with them before church started, but he was there!

I also taught in Priesthood which I feel went really well. I like teaching but sometimes I feel a little like a comedian when I am trying to get a point across that I don't know how to explain well in the language, but it went well all in all.

That night we had dinner with Zolt and Darkó. Zolt is one of the coolest guys I have met and he just got home from the Freiburg temple. It was the first time he had gone to the temple, so that was a great experience for him. We are glad he went but we are also glad to have him back because he is a huge help to us. He went to the Freiburg temple because the Frankfurt temple was closed.

Its been a great week, I miss you all back home, love you all

Elder Oakes, Hungary Budapest Mission

PS...Mom, I got the "1/2 way box". Thank you! Loved the goodies inside :) sorry no pics this week..

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