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Hungary, Budapest Mission

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Week 13 in Debrecen nem sok idő, hogy e-mailben


I only have a few min today so I'll have to keep it short. I haven't gotten the package yet, but I should get it tonight. That was so awesome to see the picture of Ricky with his family that Amanda took. Try to work it out to have him email me. I would love to hear from him! Great coincidence that his sister worked with Amanda!

A Magyar nyelv nagyon nehez nekem de fogom tanulni végül...The Hungarian language is very difficult for me but I will learn eventually! I really want to communicate with people. The language barrier is a lot more of a barrier than I thought it would be.

Good week! Some ups and downs, but never a bad day. I got to go shoot at an archery range. Elder Whiting is a professional archer, he almost qualified for the Olympics. Elder Steel took us. It's kinda just out on a soccer practice field and is free. It was fun!

Jozsi and Ester are doing great! American Michael goes home on Tuesday. This is the last full week before transfers. I kinda think I'll be leaving Debrecen.

I'm sending some pictures. There is one of some hospital beds.

Another of the nicest floor of any 10 story Elder Whiting or I have ever seen here.

There is a picture of Elder Whiting and I with Atila, an investigator leaving to China.

Some pictures of an outdoor activity at the church.

Sorry I don't have more time! I'll write more next week!

Love ya, see ya, bye!
Elder Oakes,
Hungary Budapest Mission.

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