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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Week 40 - 4th Week in Sopron

Hey there!

So this week has been pretty low key. No big adventures or anything. Monday was Pday. We went to try and find a pedikűr place with the sisters. We were going to get our feet done but Hungarians, for some reason, don't work on Mondays so almost everyplace was closed. Oh well! The sisters didn't think we would go through with that but it didn't end up working out anyway. We went out and whipped a bit. That was the first time that I have used my whip in a while so that was fun.

Tuesday was pretty good! Probably the highlight of the week. We were able to set a baptismal date with Elder Jensen's help. He was honestly the one who set it. I am learning a lot from Elder Jensen here. I have kinda gotten used to just accepting being turned down. When we asked this investigator if she would be baptized initially she said she wasn't ready. I was just like, 'well okay then' and was about to move on when Elder Jensen jumped in and asked me to give her a challenge for a specific date, and reminded me that the date is a goal to work towards and she doesn't need to be ready now, just to prepare for the specified day. When I explained this to the investigator she agreed! She is not ready now but we knows she can be by that time with some real effort.

Wednesday was kinda a bumber. Not a bad working day but we asked another investigator if she would like to be baptized. She has been kinda an eternal and on and off baptism date for the last while. She would like to be but she is afraid her kids will be disappointed in her if she gets baptized. We spent about an hour trying to ensure her that God will bless her if she acts in faith but when it came down to the direct question she just said no.

It's sad but we will still meet with her every now and again. As long as she comes to church we aren't going to give up on her, but it's still sad to see people reject what they know is right out of fear. Thursday was English class. I really enjoy teaching that. I feel like its one of the more effective finding tools we have, though its only once a week.

Friday was a good day but not super eventful. Saturday we cleaned the Branch house. Then we went on splits with members to try to boost our work. I went with Elder Jensen and Elder Mortensen with Zsolt one of the coolest members I have met. The day went pretty good. We have been able to double our finding time and spread out our working area this way. We are planning on making this a regular thing on Saturdays and we are already seeing success from it. Mostly from Mortensen and Zsolt, everyone just looks at Elder Jensen and I funny and says they don't want to buy anything...haha

Sunday was a good day, though, as well. We sat down with the branch President after church and were able to have a really good talk with him about the programs we have been hosting at the branch house. How we can make things more effective. Cancelling programs that have been a waste of time, and starting a few hopefully more productive new ones.

Between that and a few other programs we fit weekly planning into the cracks before going to a dinner program hosted for Anikó (our investigator on baptism date) by the Jensens. It was good and we taught the stop smoking program to her. I think she struggled focusing that long on the program steps but I hope she will take it seriously. I think she will figure it out though. She is super great and we love her!

And so we are now here today emailing. There aren't a whole lot but I did a video tour of our apartment here so I hope you enjoy that! Our apartment is cool because it is on the top floor where the branch house is. There is a ground floor with small stores, the second floor with a law or business firm and then the branch house then us.


Love you family and friends keep in touch!

Elder Oakes, Hungary Budapest Mission

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