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Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 38 - 2nd Week in Sopron

Hey there!

So this past week has been pretty good for the most part, not super eventful but good. Our work has been picking up pretty nicely the last few days to the point where we are feeling pretty busy nowadays. When we got here all we had was a small notebook paper with four or five names on it and not a whole lot of direction. But this week we had 8 member present programs, 4 others, 3 recent convert programs and 8 less actives, plus 18 finding hours fit into the cracks.

Monday we spent the rest of the day finishing up cleaning the apartment. I am about satisfied with it now so that's good. Tuesday we kept pretty busy and met up with the Jensen's as well to discuss doing less active member work. Our Wednesday was packed! We had programs almost back to back the entire day and to top it off MEGFÁZOLTAM or in English I caught a cold. My companion and I have started working out in the mornings as well and that morning with being sick and working out my stomach couldn't handle it. Luckily I hadn't had breakfast yet so that was good. And afterward I felt much better as well.

I rode out that day sniffling through all our programs but it went good. Thursday and Friday were a blur except for English class and the two ladies who threatened to call the cops on us, not a whole lot stands out.

But Saturday was a lot of fun. We have two other priesthood holders here aside from the branch president and the missionaries. One goes by Zsolt. He speaks 9 languages (to varying degrees) and almost perfect English, though English is one of the languages he proclaims to be less fluent in. But either way, the guy is super cool.

He went on splits with Elder Mortensen, and I went with the other priesthood holder by the name of Dárko. He just got baptized and ordained to the office of priest within the last month but he is really cool. The others headed off to tract while Dárko and I went to give a priesthood blessing to Elder Jensen because he was feeling pretty sick.

That went super well because we had an opportunity to talk a lot about the priesthood with him. After that he and I headed to Bau Max a hardware store here that unfortunately is closing, but fortunately because it's closing they are liquidating everything at 90% off... so I may have bought a few things... and I may be going back today. But the reason we went in the first place was to buy a replacement tube for one of our bikes, which we did. But only to realize when we got back it's not just the tube that's bad but the whole back wheel needs to be replaced. We are going to try to fix the bikes today but we aren't sure it will work out because we are all going to a chocolate factory here today. I will eat a little extra for you :P But I am not sending pics today, I forgot my camera.

The rest of the weekend went pretty well though. We have several programs set up for the following week and are excited. I am really happy here with my companion he is super motivated to work hard and to do what is right and so it is making things a lot easier on me for my first time as a senior companion. I would even say he is worthy to set Lizzy up with after the mission! He is from Eagle Mountain, Utah.

Anyway, I forgot to mention a while back that I was on splits with Jordan (Elder Flake) In Györ. Beautiful place. Fresh snow was falling and the scenery was awesome as we headed out to a program, but as we were driving and Elder Flake made a turn on the road to go left the car for some reason kept going straight. At that point we simply slid off the road and came to a gentle snow bound stop in an overgrown shrub.

Many kind people stopped to help us out of the snow and we got an excuse to roll around a bit in the snow (and by that I mean on my hands and knees pushing the car back onto the road). It was actually kinda fun. I may have forgotten to mention that on purpose. Love you Mom! But Elder Flake is now serving in Debrecen, my first area.

But other than that, not a whole lot to report.

Love ya all!
Elder Oakes, Hungary Budapest Mission

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